Foster brother

Tyler is an only child living in an abusive home. Soon he gets a new foster brother named Joshua.

Susan and Reginald (Reg) Joseph are only capable of drinking, beating and fucking. Somehow money makes it's way in this household but that information is unknown to the poor lonely child living along with the two adults.

verbal, physical and sexual abuse


1. One

Third Person


Today is Tyler’s birthday, but his parents seemed to forget to mark that on their calendars, just like every other year.


Moans filled the whole upper floor, spilling down the stairs for the poor, used-to-be innocent boy to hear. He was sitting at the table trying to enjoy his fresh baked cupcakes. He was quite proud of the fact he made them himself using whatever he could find within the near empty pantry. Each was decorated with a messy twelve. Tyler stood, passing the garbage on his way out the door. He threw out what he had left of the dessert not minding. The cupcakes were quite sickening from the overuse of sugar to try and compensate for the lack of almost every other ingredient.


The boy was quite glad he left the noise infected house because the setting sun laid out in front of his eyes was stunning. He loved every minute. His parents never let Tyler out of the house during the summer because they didn’t see a point. Tyler didn’t mind too much, he had no friends to hang out with anyway. He knew that his parents were too busy to tend to their ‘sneak out’ son. That phase made Tyler chuckle, his parents overreacted on everything, so the backyard also was considered ‘sneaking out.' 


The sunlight energized the sad child, pulling a small smile on his once delicate face. He preferred this type of sun-warmth rather than the artificial ‘warmth’ his parents provided. Tyler felt the rays leak in through his skin. A sweet cherry blush appeared on his cheeks as he thanked the sky for shining oh-so gorgeously. The orange and pinky-purple mixed in a swell concoction. Tyler loved moments when his parents were pleasuring themselves because that meant he could do the same except in an unsexual manner. He found more enjoyment by having nature in his vision rather what his parents were doing. 


“Susan and Reg, your son is outside” Tyler mocked looking towards his parent's window. He took pride in his confidence for it rarely takes play in his life.

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