Define Diversity [Featuring Diversity Competition]

How do you define diversity?


1. Define Diversity

Define diversity,

Diversity is being different and accepting ourselves for the very things that make us diverse.

Diversity is all of us coming together as one,

While still being so far apart.

Diversity is not defined the same way as differences are.

Differences are paraded and welcomed on certain platforms of social media,

Yet people become the objects of degradation on others,

This is not diversity.

Diversity is not about who is better and why others shouldn’t be allowed certain amenities.

Diversity is not being different in our looks, or our facial structure as everyone looks the same anyway.

Diversity is not pretending to be something you’re not to get special treatment or attention.

Diversity is not telling bisexual people that they are invalid and being selfish.

Diversity is not saying that Muslim people are terrorists and deserve to die.

Diversity is not becoming self-aware then choosing to ignore it because that’s what Becky says you should do.

Diversity is not killing black men and women for their high melanin levels.

Diversity is not agreeing that a wall should be built to keep Mexican people from entering this country.

This is not diversity.

Diversity is, and always will be, us.

We are diverse, none of us will ever be the same,

We may deny that we are different, and hate on people who are,

But it doesn’t change the fact that we are who we are.

We live and we love and we love and we love.

Define Diversity.

I define Diversity as Love,

What about you?

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