Angel Savior

A girl falls in love with her guardian angel. Give me feedback and I will write another chapter


1. Meeting Mathis

Chapter 1

Have you ever flown two thousand feet in the air before? No, I am not talking about hang gliding or in a plane. I am talking about wings… and no, before you ask i am not a bird. I am talking about a human with wings. These wings drag behind you like a striking cape. These wings can take you anywhere your heart could ever crave. These wings were a secret. A secret I had to keep, no one else just me… and Mathis Bruse. Mathis Bruse was the owner of these disguised wings. He was different, socially incorrect with those wings so he hid them never to be seen… until I moved to town.

School reminds me of a Kingdom. You have your nerdy wizards, evil witch librarians, the jock knights and the bratty popular princesses. It is at every school, I should know, I move to a different one every year. My step father is a print journalist and my mother is a nature photographer they both were running all over the country. I disliked being dragged around the United States like a rag doll. After a while I seemed to get used to the fact I will never have a actual normal life. I tried to keep in touch with old friends but by now, I should be replaced and forgotten. Then here I am moving to a random city near Denver, Colorado.

“ Aubrey it will be great here” My mother tried to reassure me

“Yeah, I am sure” I huffed

Sure, most people would label me as a brat, but how would you feel if you were never able to settle down in one place. I mindlessly grasped the cardboard box with my name printed across it. One box was all I was allowed to have, so we could quickly throw our crap in our boxes and jump in our crap minivan.Only to go to who knows where.

I scanned our new house. It was a wooden log house in the middle of nowhere. Our neighbors were arces away, most would enjoy the privacy but to me it means no one to socialize with, don’t get me wrong my family is great but if I do not have anything to discourse about literature or cameras no one listens to me. My straggly combat boots crunched in the wan snow.

Its December, which means it is the middle of the school year. Everyone has already found their people, their circle, their place. Would they let me in? Would they accept me? I shunned those negative ideas out of my head. No need to worry about those things right now. Right now I am going to find my room. I shook out of my daze and marched toward my new home. My hands pressed on the colossal wood front door. I almost dropped my box. The house reminded me of a household in the magazines. It was already furnished with rustic furniture. Everything was perfect, I felt as if I did not belong there. I suddenly felt self conscious in this nice house dressed like a homeless person. I heard my mother’s footsteps come up behind me.

“Aubrey you tracked mud into the house!” Her voice scolded

My cheeks became hotter.

“ Sorry let me get that.” I huffed

“ No I got it” she groused shooing me away “ Go unpack”

I shook my head. I am such a trainwreck.

My eyes scanned the new house, I caught a glimpse of a small compacted hallway. I awkwardly shuffled towards it as if i was afraid to mess anything up. Now that I think about it, I probably was. At schools I would attend If i didn’t fit in, or had no friends I would be know as the “girl who fell down this” or “the girl who spilled that”. I was teased quite often, not that it bothered me. I knew who I was and that was enough… I guess.

“Aubrey!” Caitlin groaned dramatically

Unfortunately the world has conflicted me with such sheer fabulousness and perfection I cannot describe exactly, but in just one word, Caitlin. Caitlin is my gleaming blonde, cyan sparkling eyed step sister. My father left my mother five years ago when I was eleven for a broke struggling author. Mom two years later met Kevin. Sure Kevin is great, but you never see him. He always cooped up in a office of some sort each time we move. One time we moved into a tiny apartment and he couldn’t have his office he hid the only bathroom for hours. The family was not too happy with that.

“Yeah, Caitlin?” I growled

“Could you show me our room?”

“Sure follow me.”

I lead her into the hallway into a beautiful room. The room was a metal rusted chandelier hung above us. Floral curtains blew gracefully with the open window. The roof towered above us like a giant looking down at me. Two nicely made beds sat in the middle of the room. I slipped off my shoes, plopping them next to the wooden door and like a toddler jumped face first into the gigantic bed.

“ You’re such a kid” Caitlin sneered

I smiled, my face smooshed into the covers.

“Get up I have to unpack” She ordered

My body rolled off the gorgeous bed and landed drunkenly onto the rug.

The rug felt like it was swallowing me into a vortex of softness.

“Best room ever.” I murmured

I shot up. Gazing at the room some more. Caitlin swung open the closet door. Her blonde tresses swinging behind her. I want to dislike her but I can’t. She is nice, fun, and well, perfect. I am so very jealous of her laid back attitude about everything. She fits in well at school. Caitlin always lets me sit with her at her lunch table. Most kids do not like it, but Caitlin never lets me eat alone and besides no one would risk getting kicked out of her group of Kens and Barbies.

My phone’s ring tugged me out of my trance. I dug it out my pocket and glanced at the caller ID.

“Who’s that?” Caitlin asked still consumed in her redecorating

“It’s just Tip.”

At my last school in California, Tip was my only friend. She was pretty cool, easy to get along with. She had this crazy rainbow hair that spiked out like she was a pixie. We had sleepovers almost every weekend and we would always flirt with the waiter at John’s Burgers. We would go skiing, hiking, you name it, we did it. She had a huge blue jeep we would totally abuse. Driving like maniacs. I miss those days.

I clicked answer and listened for her usual voice.

“Hey!” She gasped into the phone. “ How is it hanging?”

“You sound like you’re out of breath.” I laughed

“Oh yeah I was just laughing and figuring out what to order with Kharma”

“ Where are you eating?” I asked nonchalantly trying not to sound hurt.

“John’s Burgers- Oh my gosh stop Kharma! - sorry what were you saying?”

“ Well I was thinking-”

“Oooh! Jackson is here! You remember Jackson right Aubrey?”

Yes, just dig that knife a little deeper Tip.

“Yeah, I remember, Look, Tip can I call you after I am done unpacking?”

“Sure later!”

She quickly hung up.

I sighed and rolled my eyes up to the ceiling.

Caitlin’s laughter filled the whole room.

“ Oh, Aubrey, you already know how it works, by the time you move they already moved on!”

“Still hurts” I groan

“Of course it does! I know I-” Her phone went off her manicured fingers clasped it and held it to her face. “Great.” She said sarcastically


“The job I got at the mall wants me to work today.” She shook her head

“That sucks”

“Yeah well, Hard work plus dreams plus dedication equals success.”

She shrugged on her jacket and flung her purse over her shoulder.

“Later gator!” She called

“Bye.” I waved my hand

I hope school would be easy to get used to. That's all I need right now.

The first day was great! Was that convincing? The truth was it was a nightmare. So I will start with the beginning in the parking lot. Caitlin drove me in her Volkswagen Beetle. Her tires weren’t used to the icy road. Her tires slid against the road almost hitting five cars. After plenty of praying, we got into the parking lot alive and with all of our body parts intact. I stumbled out the car, surprised to still be alive. Caitlin padded next me and patted my head.

“Good luck” She grinned

“ Same to you” I nervously nodded.

Even though this is the fifth new school (and counting) I have been to, I still get shivers up my spine.

“Just loosen up” Caitlin suggested shaking my shoulder

“I can try… thank you for letting me use your clothes Cait”

“You needed them.. Seriously sweatpants to school?”

“ What they are comfy!” I defensively snapped humor creeping in my voice,” Unlike these”

It was true, the jeans were a full body workout to pull on and zipping up the zipper was as hard as fitting a bowling ball into a teacup. The shoes looked like they costed more than me. The shirt was a sleeveless white button up.

“You look so cute!“ She gushed fluffling up my hair she curled

“No I don’t-”

“Nevermind you are too hard to convince, let’s go” She sighed

North Mountain High school was ginormous. Rumor has it that North Mountain High has four libraries and the cafeteria resembles a food court in a local mall. I have seen pictures and the hallways looked like dark aged castle walls. The school was the best in the state. The tuition was expensive, I could tell.

“You gotta sign in Aubrey” Caitlin reminded me

“Where are you going?” I asked wanting her to stay with me

“I already got the tour and schedule” She shrugged “Now go!”

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

The office had gray commercial carpet and the chairs matched. Drab, dusty, faux plants sat in each corner next to a ugly chartreuse chair. In one of the tacky chairs sat a girl. She dark black hair like mine. The girl’s eyes were a really ebony brown they almost looked like coal black. She stared me down as if I did something I shouldn't have. Was she from another school I visited before? No, I would definitely remembered her. Maybe in a nightmare. Yeah, that is where I saw her.

A wrinkled office lady finally looked up from her computer. Her hazel eyes scanned me down.

“Are you Aubrey Marinie?” Her scratched voice asked

“Um, yeah I was told I needed to meet Emeline Bruse?” I stuttered

“Right here,” A unfamiliar voice called

Just my luck, the nightmare chick. I strained a big smile and shuffled over to her.

“A-are you going to give the me tour?” I dumbfoundedly asked

“Yeah let’s go”

Emeline rose from the seat, I scooted back quickly as if she would attack me. Her black eyes studied my face. She had olive skin, it almost looked unhealthy, it was white and grey, as if Emeline had never seen the sun before.

Emeline had a petite body, she was very undernourished looking. She almost looked as if she could break so easily, she looked like a zombie, chills danced up my spine.

Her face was sour and irate. Was she forced to show me around? Is she missing something important that I am taking away from her. I couldn't figure out why she seemed so mad. She ajared the door for me but I refused to take my eyes off her, she might jump me.

“I am Aubrey by the way.” I chirped as I mindlessly followed her down the immense hallway.

Her feet froze she revolved to face me.

“Aubrey, a Norman French derivation of the Germanic given name Alberic, which consists of the elements alf elf and ric power, with the meaning of "Fair Ruler of the Little People." She stated matter-of- factly

I stared blankly. Holy crap this girl is a human dictionary! Didn't know she would hit me with something like that. What should I say back?

“My name means that I am “Ruler” of elves?” I giggled

Nice going, Aubrey you sound so intelligent.

Emeline studied me then pointed at the lockers.

“ The lockers have no locks as you can see, our school believes in no stealing, if you are caught stealing you will be sent out. What is your first hour?”

“Uh Biology , Mrs. Fits” I scrutinized my map and schedule

“Okay, yeah, she is right down there.” She pointed down a random hallway

My skin crawled when she wrapped her prolonged fingers around my miniature wrist. She ignored my careful struggle under her palm. She led me down a brilliant foyer-like hallway. A tremendous staircase glided down to meet me.

“Up there… swing left at the water fountain, third door at your right.” She undertoned her voice but it still echoed throughout the hallways.

“Oh. um, t-thanks” I kept sputtered mindlessly

Without another word she turned down the hall, her worn out black sneakers clicked against the marble ground.

Freak. I thought, no one has ever made me so uncomfortable. Her eyes shot daggers that I couldn't dodge. My feet climbed the large stairs. I counted the stairs to myself. A good distraction from her impish eyes.

15, 16, 17…. What was her deal? I never did anything wrong… 18, 19, 20…. Still, something about her, seems almost familiar as if she was a old friend. 21, 22, 23...

I finally got to the top with the total count of 24 stairs. I rang my fingers through my hair tiredly as I turned left around the stainless metal water fountain, and came across the third door, with library engraved into the gold plate on the white door. I heard beautiful music dancing behind the door. Maybe someone could help me from inside, since Emeline couldn't. I pushed open the door. My cheeks redden when I saw him. The back of a boy with freshly cut and slicked back blonde hair.

As I watched him play on the old oak piano, I realized something. The way his fingers glided off the white keys. The way his head rolled every time he dipped forward in rhythm with the music. I walked around in front of the piano, carefully placing my hands on the lid of the grand piano, feeling the vibration of the strings, keys, and hammers work under me. The way he kept his eyes closed the whole time. The way he was so entranced by his own doing. The way he smiled… I was utterly in love with a boy I never met, a stranger, what was wrong me?

“Excuse me?” I called raising my voice over the music

The stranger flung open his eyes, and his cheeks matched mine, bright red.

He stumbled out of the chair, then quickly regained his posture.

His nose was slim, and his cheekbones popped out his face. The stranger has smooth skin and totally full and kissable lips. I met his bright green eyes and twisted my bracelet around my wrist. Say something!

“You’re really good..” I gestured toward the piano

That’s the best you got?

He shook his head, “ No, no, no I am not that good”

“ Um, well i was wondering where History class was for Mrs. Fitz?”

He blushed deeper, “ I am suppose to be in that class…”

I stifled a giggle, “You’re skipping class to play piano?”

“Let us not to get into details” He walked past me towards the door, “ Let me take you there”

“Sure… Um….”

“Mathis” He opened the door for me

“I am Aubrey… can i ask something?” I sputtered, stepping through the door

“Hit me Aubrey” He shot me a bright smile

“Why does everyone here have weird names?”

His laugh filled the halls. Mathis’ laugh was graceful, so merry. Oh boy, I am starting to sound like a christmas song.

“Many people here are related somehow, my father’s father’s father’s father’s father, Ayers who is a solider from France, built this school and raised his family in this very school, then the family tree grew. Mathis, is french for “gift of god”. Most people here are named after french ancestors. So you might have to get used to it.”

“ A girl ,Emeline, and her name was pretty, but she totally creeped me out,”

“That’s my sister..” He sighed going down the foyer grand stairs.

“ Oh, um I-I didn't mean that completely I just-”

“It’s okay Aubrey I get it a lot…. Her name means hard working in french”

“Oh well it uh, suits her, very smart girl” I shot him a grin

You’re such an idiot, Aubrey

“She studies the roots of names, their heritage.” He murmured shoving his hands in his pockets

We reached the last step and my expensive shoes Caitlin shoved me in pressed into the light marble floor.

Mathis turned and gave me a weak smile. Uh-oh did I hurt his feelings? I wanted to make friends at this school it seems I am only making enemies.

“Here it is” Mathis kept his weak smile, “ Let’s go in”

“Oh um, right”

I stepped towards the door that towered over me.

“Wait” His warm hands clasped my shoulder

I awkwardly jumped in shock under his hand. His tomato cheeks came back.

“Can you tell Mrs. Fitz that I was showing you around? I don’t want to get in trouble again.” He confessed

“Oh sure thing, without you I would still be wandering around here” I giggled

“Let’s call us even then” He removed his hand off my shoulder and held it out

A huge dorky smile pranced across my face and I snatched his hand and gave it a large shake.

The large door swung open a old grumpy woman stood before us, with forty-eight other eyes curiously staring behind her.

“Anything you would like to share with us Mr. Bruse?”

“No ma’am” He shot her a charming smile but the red on his cheeks still lingered

I quickly took my hand back and shoved it into my jeans.

He placed his hand on my back and pushed me into the room like I was a kindergartner on her first day.

“Everyone this is Aubrey!” He announced

I stepped away from his reassuring hand on the back of my shoulder and marched toward an empty desk in the back. I heard giggles, murmurs, and whispers danced gracefully across the room as I made my way towards the empty desk. I slumped into it and pulled out my Bio textbook to hide my face in. All the girls looked like models. They had zit-free noses to perfect pedicures.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen let’s start” Mrs. Fitz raspy voice said

Mathis lowered into his seat, with a smug smile still lingering.

“Okay the Kreb cycle, where were we before we were rudely interrupted”

Giggles rose to the surface once more. Emeline, who was in the front turned to face me, her eyes shot daggers. What are earth did I do this time?! She was the one who pointed me toward the wrong classroom she just so happen to be in. Jerk.

“What do you say Miss Mairine?”

“Um w-what?” I sputtered

“Who created the Kreb cycle?”

“Oh, um I-i uh missed that part”

Laughter filled the room, a lump crawled up my throat.

“Hans Kreb” A familiar voice spoke

The laughter stopped and everyone stared at the front of the class, where Emeline sat.

“Very good” Mrs Fitz nodded and turned back to the board

When the bell rang my legs ran as fast as they could through the classroom door. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now. I made my way through the hallway. Dodging students and ducking under flying arms. Stupid Mathis, I pushed open the girl’s bathroom door- stupid tip- I ran into the nearest stall -stupid Emeline-, I fell against the wall, -stupid parents- I was happy here. It’s only first hour and I am a wreck. What am I going to do with myself? Tears ran down my cheeks, my black mascara ran down my face. I stared at my compact mirror, I always cry about the stupidest things.

The tardy bell ran and I knew I had to face everyone at one point might as well be now. I opened the bathroom door and headed to my next class, which I didn't know where it was because my “tour guide” ditched me. My mascara still remained smeared under my eyes but I could not get it off, I eventually gave in. I wandered the empty ghost town halls in search for a savior to help. Not a single soul. The library door was wide open as I strided past. I heard a book crash onto the floor from inside the library, lead by a quiet curse.

“Mathis?” I whispered

After a minute of silence I heard a sigh.

“I was avoiding you” Mathis’ voice groaned

I moved towards the doorway and saw Mathis standing on top of the lumber ladder on the seventh book shelf.

“Why?” I asked

He wouldn't make eye contact, like a guilty dog.

“Because you're mad at me”

“Oh please, I am more mad at your sister than you.”

Mathis finally looked at me, and gave me a goofy grin from ear to ear, then it quickly faded.

“Hey… are you okay?” He whispered seeing my smeared makeup

“I’m fine.”

“You don't look fine”

“ Well maybe You should stop looking!” I snapped

He jumped back in shock and slowly turned back around to face the books again. I sighed instantly feeling bad.

“Look, I’m sorry Mathis.”

“It’s okay, I guess”

“You’re a great new friend” I smiled


“Really, now stop mopping and come down here.”

He quickly scrambled off the ladder in excitement and stood in front of me. “Good, what did my sister do to you?”

“Stranded me, I am totally lost.” I shrugged

Mathis beamed, “It’s okay, just blame her, if you ditch anymore classes.”

“I got lost, no ditching” I shook my head in defense

“Right whatever you got to tell yourself princess”

“Um, excuse-”

“Hold these please,” he slammed at least five books into my arms

“Ouch!” I snapped

My yelp filled the room echoing back at me.

“Be quiet!” He whispered shouted at me

“Why everyone is in class” I shrugged

“He will hear us!”

“Who is he-”

“Talking about me Mathis?” A deep voice purred

Mathis grimaced

Suddenly sitting on the lid of the grand piano was boy. He looked older, by a few years, maybe as old as Caitlin. He had inky dark eyes that made a big deal of studying me up and down. The stranger had dark brown hair that stopped over his eyes. He had a large scar that ran alongside his cheekbone and fair skin. He was like a beautiful imp.

“Aubrey meet Maxime, or Max for short” Mathis growled

“Maxime means “the greatest” which let us face it, I am, right Mathis?” He leered, sliding off the piano

“Hi Max.” I murmured

He was right above ‘clown’ on my creepy scale, a chill went up my spine.

“We were just leaving..” Mathis slipped his hands under the books I carried and slowly placed them on the desk next us. His actions were slow, as if Max would attack if we started running.

“Thanks for stopping by my library.” Max called after us as we walked away.

“Yeah whatever” Mathis pushed me forward

I closed the library door and turned towards Mathis.

“Who was that?” I asked with my arms crossed

“Max” he muttered

“Who was he really?”

Mathis pushed me down the stairway back into the foyer. When we reached the center of the majestic vestibule next to the entrance of the school.

“He is just- he’s…. Bad.” he sputtered for words

“Creepy freak, I would rather hang out with your sister.”

He glared then dropped his head, running his fingers through his hair.

“Why are you freaking out?” I snatched his hands

His electric blue eyes stared into mine.

“Max he is… just really crazy..”

“Stop you're freaking me out.”

The bell rang, kicking me out of my trance. He pulled his head back away from mine, I realized how close our faces were. I awkwardly cleared my throat and dropped his still trembling hands.

“Third hour, Physical Education, correct?” Mathis asked

“Um yeah”

“Let’s go, I can show you.”

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

After a long hour of running from a volleyball and apologizing to my PE coaches for hitting them with that volleyball, I finally made it to lunch. Right when I came through the door Caitlin called me over.

“Aubrey!” Her high-pitched voice called

She was at a full lunch table overflowing with people just as perfect as her. I sighed, lucky me.

As I approached the table Caitlin ignored the glares her new friends shot at me I heard my name again, from a different side of the cafeteria. Caitlin followed the voice to see a familiar dark character sitting on top of a lunch table alone. He waved me over with a impish smirk across his face. I turned towards Cait who blankly stared at him, her cheeks bright pink.

I cleared my throat and gave Caitlin a shy wave and made my way to Max.

“Um, Hi there.”

“Hi Aubrey Mairine, how are you?”

I felt everyone's eyes staring at me, I didn’t care, something about him drew me in. Nothing else mattered.

“Who are you.” I asked

I didn't mean to, it just spilled out my mouth.

He let out a devilish laugh, “Let us put it like this, I am a demon to some, an angel to others.”

I sat down studying his face.

“What does that mean?” my voice randomly lowering into a whisper

He leaned over the table, “I like it better when you figure it out yourself”

A stern hand flew onto my shoulder making me jump. I looked over my shoulder to see Mathis and Emeline, with her arms folded and lurking behind him. I stood up quickly, staring down at the marble floor.

“Come with me, now.”

I followed him feeling Max’s eyes stare me down.

We made our way into a deserted classroom. Emeline slammed the door behind us and gave me another one of she oh-so-pretty glare she always had.

“Are you stupid?” He asked calmly, but I sensed anger creeping in his voice

“No, I was just making friends, new student remember?”

“You never listen to me!” He voice rose

“How could you even say that you have never met before stop acting like you know me!” I also rose my voice to match his

On the corner of my eye I caught Emeline cringe. How could that possibly hurt anyone’s feelings?

He was silent as if he had to choose his words carefully, Emeline silently watched him. He finally spoke, his knuckles white from gripping the side of a desk.

“I know you… well enough to know… that y-you are stubborn.”

“Stubborn?” I scoffed

“What he means, Aubrey,” Emeline spit out the name like poison,” Is that Max is very bad”

“This makes no sense, how bad could he be? He seems pretty stable to me”

Emeline stiffened at my words and Mathis muttered sarcastically under his breath.

“I’ll see you guys in class” I growled

“Wait Aubrey-” Mathis called

I power marched towards the classroom door and slammed it behind me. I didn't want to hear what he has to say. So stupid, why would any normal person act so weird like that. Mathis acted like Max was of the devil.

But what if Mathis wasn't normal?

Shivers went up my spine. I was not thinking that. It was like someone put that thought into my head. Like someone was talking to me. The voice was chilling. Like a message. What if Mathis was not the good guy in this situation?

I shook my head and made my way back to the cafeteria.

After school the inmates were set free. I saw Caitlin and group of kids surrounding her. Smiling and fighting for her attention. My feet stopped and I sat there in the middle of the parking lot, like an idiot.Caitlin flipped her hair over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of me. My perfect sister waved me over.

“Oh, there is my sister, Aubrey!”

They all froze staring at me like a I was a artwork in a museum.

“Is she adopted?” One curly haired boy asked rather loudly

I shifted foot to foot, my ears becoming hot.

“No, she is my step sister” She motioned me over

I shambled over to the circle of kids.

“Hey” I gave an awkward wave

Murmurs showered over the group of kids

“She is going to be sitting with us at lunch” Caitlin proudly announced

The murmurs grew loud

A tan, tall muscular boy raised his voice and stage whispered, “ what a freak”

Everyone busted into laughter.

Don’t let them bother you

“She looks like the devil!”

Block them out

“What a pity caitlin is related to her!”

I think you are beautiful

My heart stopped. Someone was talking to me. I spun around scanning the parking lot, ignoring their cruel comments. Then I saw him. Mathis’s blue eyes staring into mine. He nodded then climbed into his white truck.


I jumped out of my thoughts.

“I-I am sorry what was that?” I asked baffled

Caitlin gripped her backpack straps, it was just her and me alone in the parking lot.

“I didn't mean for that to happen.” She whispered

“Whatever” I shrugged pushing past her into the car.

Worst. Freaking. Day. ever.

Let me know if you want another chapter :)


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