How to get daniel to be my date to the dance


1. dear diary: life is hard

Do you sometimes feel like the world doesn't understand you like you have no meaning that's how I feel at school nobody likes me but my best friend Kyle with the blonde hair blue eyes he's a good friend I try so hard to get noticed by a guy named Daniel who plays football and has a cheerleader girlfriend Brianna it's so hard to get noticed by him he's known me since kindergarten and he still doesn't know my name she calls me kindergarten girl so hard he's never going to notice me not with his girlfriend still his girlfriend they been together for three years and they never broke up never I like Daniel because he is into poetry and I like guys who are into poetry it makes me feel special Kyle is always there for me one time when we were 4 he said he was in love 😍 with me I thought he was kidding the dance was coming up I hope 🤞 Daniel asks me to go with him I am making this list it's called how to get Daniel to go to the dance with me

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