The Safe House

When Blaine runs away from her own wedding she has no idea where she is going. She has nowhere to go. When a handsome young man invites her to stay with him, that marks the spot when her life gets flipped upside down.
When she finds love with one of the five boys she meets, she knows she is in deeper than she ever could have imagined.
Louis finds the girl and invites her back to his home but when he falls for her he knows he is in deeper than he ever could have imagined.


3. iii

     Pulling up to the driveway was odd as I could barely see it. At this point I was just following the taillights of Louis' truck. I watched his breaks carefully, following when and when not to go forward. Suddenly his truck stopped and i watched as he stepped out. I followed suit, grabbing my bag from the passenger seat. There wasn't much in it. I would have to find a way to go back and get some more supplies. Or, I could always use the money from the cards and such that guests brought to my wedding. There was about five thousand dollars in what I had opened so far. I still had ten or so left. Besides that, I already had around two grand in cash and a debit card. They would only be used in case of emergency as they could be traced. 

"Welcome to the driveway, I'll take your bag for you." Louis offered.

"No, that's fine. Thank you."

"Suit yourself. Follow me."
And that I did. I could see the outline of the house as my eyes adjusted to the night. There were four other vehicles parked side by side in the driveway, one for each roommate I thought. Beyond the side of the house I could make out a soft glow. Maybe a porch light. We walked towards it. How could he see where he was going? I was scared just to trip on a stone. 

As we came to the door, he turned to me and spoke in a very soft tone. "I may have to warn you, they or may not be retired for the night. If they are: good. If not: don't be frightened." 

I swallowed and Louis opened the door. The smell of fresh cinnamon and vanilla wafted out as we walked in. 

"I think they're all asleep. I'll show you your room." I followed him into the house, not exactly paying attention to much as I was so tired. I just wanted to sleep. We turned down a few hallways, passing many doors. The last door on the left is where we stopped. Louis opened the door and turned on the light. The walls were black with a white accent wall with the large windows framed by black curtains. The floor was dark brown hardwood. The furniture was all white, along with the comforter and pillows. Gold accents were placed throughout the room as little trinkets or a scattered throw pillow.

Louis took my bag and laid it upon the dresser. "There's a bathroom on the left side. Freshen up if you wish, but you should probably get some sleep. You look a little wrecked." He looked around for a moment and fiddled with the thermostat. "Hope you like it."

"It's wonderful, really. Thank you for letting me crash here." I made eye contact with him as he had already been glancing down at me. He wasn't much taller, only by a few inches. He took hold of my hand and cupped it in his two, squeezing it gently.

"Goodnight Blaine." He pat the back of my hand and left to let me rest.


Falling asleep was easy, staying asleep was hard. I had woken multiple times during the night. Usually every hour or two. I kept waking up in a cold sweat, nightmares of Nathan coming after me were surfacing as every time he was trying to find a different way to kill me. It wasn't until around four o'clock until I fell and stayed asleep. I didn't wake up again until ten. I hope Louis didn't mind.

Padding barefoot into the bathroom in yesterday's clothes, I grabbed my bag in search of a new outfit. Jeans, a white t-shirt and the same black sweater I wore yesterday. I washed the remaining makeup off my face and dragged a brush through my hair, the dark brown waves fell around my shoulders and my side bangs fell around grey eyes. 

On my way out of the room, I was careful to be quiet. I needed to find the kitchen to get a glass of water. There wasn't much noise so I didn't think I had disturbed anybody. Not yet.

No wonder the walk to the room felt like a labyrinth last night, I had to travel down three hallways to find the living area and kitchen. I poked my head around the corner and saw nobody in the kitchen or step-down living room. I padded over to the counter and grabbed a glass from the tray, filling it from the tap. Looking around as I drank. This place was huge. the ceilings were so high and there were windows everywhere. The outdoors was completely wooded, tall evergreen and spruce trees touching the sky. The counter was a pretty granite that matched the backsplash. I turned to refill my glass and turned back to where I was last looking.

"Who the fuck are you?" Asked an unfamiliar voice. I yelped and dropped the glass.

"Shit." I mumbled then looked back up. The voice came from a boy taller than Louis. His eyes were striking green and his hair was shoulder length curls. "I-I--"

"Ah, Harry, you've met Blaine!" Louis came into the kitchen. "Morning love, you alright?"

I stared for a second and then motioned to the floor. "Yeah, sure, but your glass isn't. I'm sorry." 

Louis chuckled. "No need to be sorry, you were frightened. Ah! Blaine, this is Harry."

"Harry Styles." He said from the opposite side of the counter.

"Nice to meet you." I said quietly. 

"You meet the others yet?" Harry asked. I shook my head. "Hm, they should be happy to see a girl. Louis, what have you done? Bringing a pretty girl like her here. The boys will be all over her." I felt my face get hot and I stepped back as Louis came in with a broom. "Zayn's type, too."

Louis stared at Harry for a moment. "How about you go get them so they don't frighten our guest." Harry turned and went down the hallway. I could hear banging on doors. One after the other. Only once I heard a faint "what".

"Louis got a surprise for you boys!" Harry yelled as he walked back to the kitchen. "They're on their way."

One after the other, three more boys came into the kitchen. Two brunette and a blond. They all stopped in their tracks and stared. 

"Where'd you get 'er?" The blond, his thick Irish accent was the closest to mine. Being a local in Newfoundland I had a hint of an Irish accent. The other two had the same accent as Harry and Louis. British and sweet. The boy with darker hair and a shadowy beard was introduced as Zayn. The boy with warm brown eyes and short chestnut brown hair as Liam.

"I found her at a café and offered her a place to crash. Blaine, that's Niall." Louis said.

"Nice to meet you lass." I nodded and shook his hand as he extended his hand towards me. I glanced over at Louis as he put the glass into a small box and into the trash.

"Nice to meet you too." I knew I was about to have my life changed.

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