Project Berserk

Project BE, Benevolent Evolution, was originally created for the purpose of enhancing humanity's physical ability. However, the outcome of the project contributed to the apocalyptic world as it is now. Its result was the Berserk, a physically superior humans without any emotions, consciousness, nor instincts, a killing machine.


6. The Truth

[Outside Area][2075][4/15][9:36 A.M]

The building that the intelligent type had been residing was a laboratory. Robert and Adam, stepping silently toward the building, held their knives and silent pistols in position. The two of them took their own spot beside the door. Silently glancing toward the insides of the building, they found out that there was at least twenty berserks inside of the building. They rolled the cylinder shaped grande. When the grande exploded and it was found out that only the intelligent type was able to hide itself from explosion. The two of them headed inside.

[Outside Area][2075][4/15][9:43 A.M]

There wasn't any sign of success or failure from the two combatants. However, there was a sign that the berserks from the outside was heading toward the inside as a reinforcement unit. Out of seventy reinforcements, Francis's mines have taken out at least sixty of them and the other ten were shot dead by Weis.

[Outside Area][2075][4/15][9:46 A.M]

Two combatant finally made a call with their wireless device.

"We have successfully subjugated the intelligent type. Calling out for medic(the nameless boy). Come quick."

As soon as the nameless boy was notified of the message, he rushed to the laboratory only to find that the intelligent type was still alive. He wanted to escape, but had already been spotted by the intelligent type. The intelligent type, though weaker than the average berserks, was able to run at a speed of 80 Kph and threw heavy punch toward the nameless boy's head. The nameless boy, though he couldn't run away, guarded his face with both of his arms. Though the damage was reduced, both of his arms were broken, no, shattered

[Laboratory][2075][4/15][9:44 A.M]

While the nameless boy was floating in the midair because of the attack, he took a glance of the expression made by the two combatants that have arrived earlier. It wasn't that of worry, anxiousness, or sorrow. Their expressions assured nameless boy that it was entirely on purpose and they were enjoying the scenery. He had only been in the air for a second or two, but it was more than enough for him to loosen all of his relationship with the people inside of the underground city.

*Crack* *Pssshhh* *CRACK*

The first attack caused him to fly in the midair. The secondary attack caused him to head toward the glass shelf, unprepared. The piles of broken glass had been causing excessive blood loss for the nameless boy. 

"Khhhhhh?" The intelligent type became somewhat troubled. It was the first time that the nameless boy had seen an expression made by the berserks.

The nameless boy crawled toward the nearby stairs. Though the intelligent type had more than enough time to catch the escaping boy, it didn't do so, it was like that it refused to chase him. The intelligent type tilted his head toward the two combatants. It was more furious than it had ever been during the previous battle. 

"What is that berserk doing?" Adam and Robert was frightened by the intimidation of the intelligent type.

"KGGGGAAAAAAA" The intelligent type held grasp of a considerably sharp piece of glass fallen to the ground. It rushed toward the combatant as it called out for reinforcements. 


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