Project Berserk

Project BE, Benevolent Evolution, was originally created for the purpose of enhancing humanity's physical ability. However, the outcome of the project contributed to the apocalyptic world as it is now. Its result was the Berserk, a physically superior humans without any emotions, consciousness, nor instincts, a killing machine.


7. The Project

[Laboratory][2075][4/15][9:47 A.M]

Nameless boy crawled downstairs to the basement. What had appeared before him was a heavily enclosed vault with digital locking mechanism. It seems that there is need to insert a password.

"Of all times!" The nameless boy leaned against the wall. He tilted his head downward and he dragged his broken hands toward the ground. He didn't know what the password was, and the intelligent type could be returning to him at any time. 


Something came up to nameless boy's head. He immediately pressed the keypad with his elbow and the vault door had been opened. He was amazed by the site of well preserved laboratory down below. Electronics, resources, food supply, living quarter, and much more, it was all in the vault. Nameless boy, afraid that the intelligent type would be chasing him, closed the door as soon as he entered the vault.

[Bandage + First Aid]

Nameless boy did what his mind told him to. He found a medic kit on one of the shelf and applied first aid on himself. It wasn't easy for him to take out the glasses stuck in his back, so it had taken him quite a time to take out the glasses and apply bandages behind his back. Now that his treatment has been done with. He began to look around the vault. 

The vault had everything that was needed for a person to live comfortably. Testing rooms, chemical resources, and other research files could be seen. In one of the tables, there was one file that had caught the nameless boy's attention.

[Project BE - X][Project Re][Melanin Research][Effective Cancer Treatment][Construction Materials] 

He found an usb drive inside of the file. He inserted the usb drive in one of the computers and replayed a video in the file. What had appeared in the video was the scientist who had created the berserks, Doctor Evan Adels. He watched his personal journals from the very first one to the end, and found out that he had the inferior version of project berserk which could retain individual's consciousness. 

[The only way to live]

Nameless boy knew that he didn't have much to live. With the puddles of blood flooding behind of him, there wasn't a way except for this to survive. He found the needle with a sticker Project BE - X in it. He pulled his shirt with his teeth, rubbed on an alcohol, and applied the medication on himself.


The pain was simply indescribable. Every cells in his body, a piece of piece, felt shattered and ripped. The violent movement of his body seems to be the cause of the extreme pain. Despite the pain that nearly made him unconscious, the wounds on his body began to close down, the broken bones and other minor cuts began to return back to normal, and he soon felt surge of energy that circulated through his entire body.  

He became the first human berserk.


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