Project Berserk

Project BE, Benevolent Evolution, was originally created for the purpose of enhancing humanity's physical ability. However, the outcome of the project contributed to the apocalyptic world as it is now. Its result was the Berserk, a physically superior humans without any emotions, consciousness, nor instincts, a killing machine.


3. The Outside

[Sector D][2075][4/12]

The nameless boy was making another gadget when the Scavengers team, the expedition unit, arrived on the front gate. With the scavengers team the ones who found him outside of the city, the nameless boy was somewhat interested about their whereabouts and such. 

"!?" The nameless boy was surprised to find out that out of usual seven members of expedition team, only three of them have made to the front gate. Even the three that had arrived to the city were heavily injured not to mention that their entire body was covered in a fountains of blood.

"w..We..." Weis, the sniper of the Scavengers team, coughed considerable amount of blood every time he spoke a word. To him, everything was blurry and unclear, he couldn't even recognize who was in front of him.

"There was a new type of berserk... It was able to command them..."

Everyone in the front gates were struggling in fear when Weis explained about the new type of berserk. One of the only reasons why humanity was able to take chance against these monsters was because of the fact that their emotions, intelligence, and other coordinating features have been wiped off. However, if there was an intelligent type that can command them, then it would surely be the end of humanity.

"We have to do something about this!" The members of the council, the governing unit, was discussing the possible countermeasures for the intelligent type in the head office. Every important individuals, including the nameless boy, who was the head of the engineering department, was brought into the office for a debate. 

"What if we assault the commanding type first?" Adam, the candidate of scavenger team, raised his opinion.

"If you were the one in command, then would you be standing out in the open area?" The nameless boy pointed.

"See if you have better plan?" Adam, who was embarrassed because of the nameless boy, taunted him.

"Don't be childish, Adam," Samuel Evers, the chief of sector D, ceased Adam from causing any more commotion.

"..." Adam was about to say something but Chief Ever's glancing caused him to stop.

"Anyhow, I have a suggestion," Chief Evers raised his opinion.

"I am planning to construct a group of team to hunt down the commanding type."

"How many trained soldiers do we need?" 

"Two groups of twenty soldiers and five of expedition teams."

"Could you tell your plan in detail?"

"The twenty soldiers would be using crossbows from long distant while the five expedition members would be assassinating the new type berserk."

"!?" Everyone was surprised because of the five member's use.

"Isn't it dangerous for the five members?"

"Yes, and that is why we will be required to have elite members for this mission," Chief Evers breathed heavily.

"The team will be Robert Lions, Adam Evers, Weis Wiz, Francis Petit, and nameless boy."



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