Project Berserk

Project BE, Benevolent Evolution, was originally created for the purpose of enhancing humanity's physical ability. However, the outcome of the project contributed to the apocalyptic world as it is now. Its result was the Berserk, a physically superior humans without any emotions, consciousness, nor instincts, a killing machine.


4. The Mission

[Sector D][2075][4/12]

As the assassination unit for the intelligent type has been decided. Each of the members were specially trained for their respective jobs and expectations. Robert Lions, the heir of Scavenger's melee combatant, was given the role of direct confrontation with the intelligent type. Adam, who was the Chief's relative and scavenger's candidate, was to be the leader of the team. Weis, who was the sniper in trainee with highest skills, was to be waiting outside with the nameless boy, the head of the engineering unit, and support the other combatants from long range distant. Francis, the trap technician, was to be preparing traps before and during the battle. Nameless boy was to be adjusting Weis weapon and notify the other squad members in danger.

All five of them were the most skilled individual in their respective specialties.

The fourth generation (Temporarily) Scavenger Team has been assembled.

On April 15th, the assassination mission for the intelligent type will be commenced. The scavenger team's families and relatives were having celebrations before they were to be involved with the project. However, nameless boy was left alone by himself because he was the only one in his family. He was left alone when the others were in feast, enjoying this event.

[Sector D][2075][4/14]

*Cling* *Clang* *Crack...*

Nameless boy's process with weapon engineering wasn't fluent as it was before. Though everyone else disliked nameless boy, not a single person couldn't doubt on his once-in-a-thousand-year talent in mechanical engineering. When the subject was engineering and science, not a single person in the underground city couldn't have been his equal. However, his skills were being dull because of something.

"..." Alone by himself in his own camp, he began to wonder why everyone had ill intent against him. Was it that because he didn't have a parent? There are thousands of orphans in this city. Is it because that he came from the outside? Humans and berserks are completely different. Is it because of something else? He might not have known because not a single person dared to talk in front of him. He didn't eavesdrop either.

Nameless boy, finished with his blueprint for a rifle, handed the letter with the blueprint to the blacksmith unit. Tired from the work, nameless boy slept soundly on his bed. He wasn't sure how the mission was going to turn out. 

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