Project Berserk

Project BE, Benevolent Evolution, was originally created for the purpose of enhancing humanity's physical ability. However, the outcome of the project contributed to the apocalyptic world as it is now. Its result was the Berserk, a physically superior humans without any emotions, consciousness, nor instincts, a killing machine.


1. Project Berserk

Journal Entry No.0001:

Humans have been far more superior against other competitive species because of intelligence. However, this fact also details how much humans have been lacking in terms of physical strength. Even a hippo runs at a maximum speed of approximately 50 kilometers per hour while the fastest human runs at around 45 kilometers per hour. Not to mention that hippo's biting strength is greater 1 ton while ours are around 100 to 150 kilograms. Project BE(Benevolent Evolution) will make humanity more productive and immune to accidental death.

Journal Entry No.0002:

A gene for accelerated regeneration has been developed. Although it has been tested that this regenerative feature wasn't able to avert from the laws of conservation, it was tested that it was able to instantaneously heal cuts, bruises, and other minor damages. The greatest advantage of this feature was the healing of the damaged muscle, which enabled the muscles to surpass its limits by tenfold. 

Journal Entry No.0003:

The gene for high stamina has been found. This characteristics allow one's mitochondria to be suitable for long term exercise while maintaining low level of physical burden.

Journal Entry No.0004:

A method for removing limits on human body was found. It allowed human body to use its hundred percent of the muscles from its forty percent. 

Journal Entry No.0005:

A method for increasing has been developed. By reducing the time used for leg muscle's contraction, it was possible for humans to run at a maximum speed of 75 kilometers per hour for without the enhancement listed previous and 120 kilometers per hour including the other enhancements.


Journal Entry No.0153:

We have finally created the final product of the Project BE. 

-Maximum of 150 Kph for 2 hours.

-Maximum lifting weight of 30 tons.

-Maximum stamina of 48 hours.

-Maximum lifespan of 250 years.

Journal Entry No.0154:

The test on the first human experiment has been confirmed. All side effects have been tested previously.

Journal Entry No.0155:

The subject of experiment has gained abnormality. He lost his sense of reasoning, emotions, and conscious. The survival instinct was all that the subject had now. The project has been shut down. 

Journal Entry No.0576:

One of the country in war has revived the project. It was found out that this country added contamination effect along with its berserk characteristics. Project BE is officially a bio-weapon. It is renamed Project Berserk Evolution. 

Journal Entry No.0712:

The Project Berserk has been used for military attacks with the same country in war. The method of contamination has been a blood contact. The subject of berserk evolution, referred to as berserks, has been known to spread out their numbers. Their characteristics are similar to that of zombies, but stronger.

Journal Entry No.0958:

Well... This is last of it. I doubt that anyone else will write anymore of scientific reports nowadays, so I will say everything that I want to say before I die. The world is now in apocalyptic state. Only 0.5 percent of the humanity, from its 10 billion, has been confirmed to be alive. Humans are now living underground, fearful of those who stand above them. i...I...I tried to do my best... But it didn't work as I planned. If only...If only... 

Journal Entry No.0959:

Whats the point of regretting now? The world is in chaos. Not a single hero to save. Soon, not a single person will be left to save... I am slowing dying in this skyscraper.

Journal Entry No.0999:

Right now...I just remembered my family... I... finally understood why I had to move on... I am currently developing inferior version of Project BE. It will only have 50% of the effects that the other berserk had. However, it will guarantee at least 50% chance of retaining humanity, intelligence, and emotion... 

Journal Entry No.Unavailable

Its already been forty years since I began making the Project BE - X. I am already seventy this year... I realized that I had symptoms of final stage lung cancer... I am not sure how long it would be... 10 years? 100 years? 1000 years? When the humanity end and the new intelligent species take over? I am sorry to anyone who will be willing to take this burden. Though it might be selfish, I am heading to the afterlife first...

The Journal Entry ended. 

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