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Want a trailer for your movella? Tell me about your story and I'll make a trailer to match!


1. Welcome to the store!


Hello and welcome to my trailer store! If you want to request a trailer for your movella, please take the time to read the following:

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I will not be expecting anything in return for making your trailer; I just really enjoy making them, and they're great practice for my photography A-Level anyway. However, if you're feeling kind, you could always check out some of my own stories and follow me if you like them!

I'm happy to make a trailer for ANY movella- fiction or fanfiction, green, yellow or red, anything goes! However, my trailers will ALWAYS be completely SFW, so if you're requesting a trailer for a movella with NSFW scenes in, don't expect those scenes to make it in. Also (and this is a fairly obvious point, but I thought I'd put it out there just to be clear) I do not have much of a budget for these, and so there are certain things that may be extremely difficult to put in the trailer; for instance, if your story is set in a very specific location, involves dangerous scenes, or includes magical or fantasy based stuff. If you want something like this to be included in your trailer, please don't be afraid to request it- I will do everything I can to make it work- but do be aware that it might not end up looking completely flawless!

​You will be able to choose from two different types of trailer. The first is a short "teaser" trailer that will be between twenty and thirty seconds long, while the second is a cinematic trailer lasting a minute or more. (In your form, call the first "Type 1" and the second "Type 2"- it makes things easier!) The "teaser" type will only fit four or five short video clips while the cinematic type will fit more. Both types can have music, narration or both. If you have a particular song in mind for the trailer, or if you think that a certain passage from your book would work well as narration, you can include this on your form. Also, if you feel that a specific scene from your movella should be present in the trailer in some form, feel free to mention that too! It just helps me feel like I'm giving you something that represents your story well. As I said, however, DO NOT request a scene that contains anything really NSFW as I will not be able to put it in. Also, if you've requested a type 1 trailer with a longer passage to use as narration, I may have to cut down the narration to make it fit.

Please note that each user can only have ONE trailer on the waiting list at a time. But feel free to post another request as soon as your trailer is done!

Here is the form you will have to fill out to put in a request:

​-Movella title

​-Movella genre

​-Trailer type (1 or 2)

​-Overall tone of trailer (should it be creepy, dramatic, sad, romantic...?)

-Tagline (optional)

​-Narration (optional)

-Music (optional)

​-Scenes to include (optional)

​Please also include a link to the movella in question so I can read it and get a general feel for the story, characters etc. If you are requesting specific scenes for your trailer, please tell me which chapter they are in so I can find them quickly. If your movella is incomplete and the scenes you want haven't been written yet, don't worry! Just describe them to me and I will do my best to get them right.

​Once I have received your request I will put you on the waiting list immediately, but please be aware that my videos tend to take a while to film, edit and upload depending on the length of the trailer you have asked for. So please be patient, and definitely don't spam me asking when it will be done, because that kind of thing STRESSES ME OUT. If you do it, I will remove you from the waiting list and send you to the back of the queue.

​When your trailer is finished, I will upload it to my personal YouTube channel and send you the link so you can link it to your movella. If you want to put it anywhere else (Facebook, your own YouTube channel etc.) just let me know and send me your e-mail address so I can send the video to you. If you do want to upload it anywhere else, though, PLEASE give me credit for it!

​That's about it. You can place your request in the comments for this store or, if you prefer, in mumbles. If you do the latter, remember to link my username so I can find your request. Thank you!


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