Hi I'm Stella Connor, I like reading paranormal books until one night.......


1. The Night I never knew will come

 Stella's Pov

  I was in my room reading IT by Stephen King , I really like horror books but unlike others they are getting paranoid once they read my books they always said 'There is a little boy standing there' or 'They will come' so I just laughed at them and said they are just seeing things well I will just stop thinking and continue reading 

 -After 3 hours-

  I'm reading quietly until I hear a knock on my door so I stand up and open the door but there is no one outside my door so I just close it and continue reading until I hear 3 knock on my door and I hear my T.V open so I got little scared so I stop reading and close the T.V and go back to my room to sleep "Hey are you Scared ? why won't you play with me?" I hear a demonic child voice and it's steps is getting closer to my bed suddenly it's stops so I breath in relief but there's a hand start's grabbing my blanket until I see a .........................................




  Hi I'm just new in movellas My name is no just Call me Anonymous because I never give information about myself at all.

                                                                          Bye everyone hope you enjoy this



                                                                                  - By Anonymous 


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