Gang Leader's Son

Being part of a gang and being the next gang leader have two whole separate problems. Xander being born as the next gang leader of the Black Panther gang has a lot of responsibility along with attending school and being a normal teenage boy. Of course Xander wants to fall in love also.


6. 6

"Xander?" Gabe asked walking into my room.

"What?" I snapped glaring at him.

"What's going on?" Gabe asked sincerely.

"About what?" I asked again sitting on my bed.

"Everything," Gabe said.

"Benjamin Curhan is asking Sammi for nudes and bullying her. Also someone from the Cheaters just raped Sammi at the party... yeah?" I said sighing.

"Ben is?" Gabe asked shocked.

"Did I stutter," I snapped. Ben is on of Gabe's best friend and I don't give a shit about labels he is one of the fags bullying Sammi.

"Sorry man... so how are you?" Gabe asked quietly.

"Umm...good," I said. I'm not telling him about everything, he's my littler bro, I'm not supposed to tell him stuff.

"When are you coming back, things are bad for all of us because your not there," Gabe said.

"In a week. What's happenin'," I said.

"Because of you none of us get bullied but since you're not there we do," Gabe said.

"Sorry man," I said. How was i supposed to know that? I'm a senior, it's in the secret rule book, we don't talk to anyone younger than us unless there is an legitimate reason.

'Hey Xander ;)'-Belle

She liked it. I decided not to respond till the mornin' or afternoon. On weekends I usually don't wake up till 1 or 2.

"Alright, can you get out I'm exhausted from the police," I said sitting on my bed.

"Yeah see ya in the mornin'," Gabe said then shut my door. I fell onto my bed almost crushing Balto, whom yelped and jumped onto my chest. I then just crashed out for the night

"Xander! Wake uuuupppp. Ite 2 and i'm bored. There's nothing to doooooo. Waaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppp," Sammi said jumping on me and sitting on me.

"Ok! Ok, I'm up," I said sitting up.

"Yay get ready," Sammi said and darted out the door. She woke me up to leave. I got ready and went downstairs.

"Xander can you take your siblings out. We have stuff to do," Dad said.

"Can I have food first?" I asked.

"Here," Mom said and handed me a plate with fresh sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes. I honestly love my mom so much.

"I love ya mom," I said and gave her a hug and kiss.

"What about me," Dad said chuckling.

"Love ya too dad," I said and gave him a little hug and started inhaling my food.

"XANDER!" Amo shouted and hit my back.

"What?" I said as I choked on my food.

"We thought you were going to jail," Sebastian said.

"Naw they said if I fuck up one more time tough I will go to juvie," I said.

"When your done, let's go to the mall," Adrien said sitting next to my.

"I have to take the others' out also," I said.

"Ok," Adrien said and then I finished I ran up to my room and grabbed my wallet, phone, keys, and put Balto on a leash

"Alright let's go," I said and unlocked the doors. I got in the front and so did Sammi and put Balto on her lap with Blue.

"No way you move," I heard from the side of the car.

"What the fuck is going on?" I snapped.

"There's too many people," Adrien said.

"Ok Adrien and Amo you decided who's sitting on who's lap. Gabe and Tony same as well along with and Sebastian and Connor," I ordered. They figured it out and were getting in my truck when Blake was looking at me.

"Sammi let Blake in," I said.

"Ok," Sammi said and when everything was sorted out with complaining from the back seat we were at the mall. It was this simple car ride that I realized, our police are really useless.

"Hey Sammi," Benjamin said coming over to Sammi.

"Hey guys," Gabe said keeping a calm facade. Me on the other hand is letting everyone know I'm pissed

"Sup," Benjamin said looking at Sammi.

"What do you want?" I snapped. Does he think we don't know shit?

"Just wanted to say hi, no need to get upset," Benjamin said putting his hands up.

"Adrien," I said.

"I'm leaving, I'll see you guys at school," Benjamin said filling with fear. WheneverI call for Adrien it is hell. We both were trained under Xavier who is really good, but ruthless, so we learnt how to kick ass properly.

"What was that all about?" Adrien asked.

"Sammi you explain what's going on with Benjamin," I said tuning to her.

"Well...I...What?" Sammi asked.

"You heard what i said," I said.

"Well he kinda just umm... talked to me, rudely," Sammi said quietly.

"And..." Tony pushed on.

"Can we talk about this at home?" Sammi asked looking around at the people around us.

"Fine, let's go get food now," Amo said. We then went In-N-Out (for y'all not in California or ever been here it's a fast food chain that pretty much only sells burgers and fries.) 

"I love their fries," Sammi said as we walked out.

"You love fries in general," I said laughing.

"Not as much as me," Adrien said slinging his arm over my shoulder.

"Hey look at that hottie over there," Amo said.

"Ew her," Sammi scoffed.

"What about her?" Amo asked.

"She's sucha slut," Sammi said.

"Ohh Sammi using big kid words," Blake said laughing and lit a cig.

"Hand me one," I said and Blake handed me one and tossed me the lighter.

"That's nasty," Sammi said looking at the cig.

"What about her, tell me," Amo said.

"She has more STD's than the amount of guys she's fucked. Also she has fucked the whole town," Sammi said. That's true I met her when she first moved here but never fucked her she was too easy.

"Damn," Amo said. "Hey Sammi help me get 10 girls' number's and I'll help you get the person you like, like you back."

"I don't like anyone," Sammi said. This is way too funny, Amo is getting too desperate.

"Please...I'll kill someone...Whoever you want, like B-" Amo was saying.

"Shut up," I growled at him.

"Ok I'll go, but you will do whatever I want for a month," Sammi said.

"Whatever you want princess," Amo said.

"Eww, not like that. Your not even my type," Sammi said snarkily. "Here hold Blue." Sammi handed me Blue and walked off with Amo to a group of 3 girls.

"Your pups are so cute. Can I pet them?" Some hot chick said walking over to me, or my pups.

"You have dogs?" Belle said standing next to the person.

"Yes indeed I do. This one is mine, Balto, and that one is my little sister's,Blue," I said and picked up Balto.

"So you from 'round 'ere?" I asked the girl.

"No I actually just moved here 2 day's ago, I saw you at the soccor game, or as American's say football. I'm going to have to get used to that," She said. Ohh a British chick, they're hot.

"Well, the name's Xander, you are?" I asked.

"Ellie," Ellie said smiling at me.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl," I said obviously flirting.

"Ellie let's go," Belle said getting jealous. She agreed to be fuck buddies. No strings attached, so I can flirt and hook up with other chicks.

"Wait can I get your number," Ellie said. I nodded and she handed me her phone, I put my number in and put my name as 'sexy ass motherfucker with the hella cute dog.' Yes it's long but it's all true.

"Thanks, guy with the hella cute dog," Ellie said smiling at me and walking off with Belle. Damn does she have a nice ass. 

"I'd tap that," I said.

"What about Belle?" Adrien asked.

"We're just fuck buddies," I said shrugging.

"Who was that?" Sammi asked coming over.

"Just some girl from school," I said. 

"Well I know Belle cause we both do cheer. The other girl though, who's she?" Sammi asked. 

"That's Ellie," I said. 

"Do you know anything about her?" Sammie asked deadpanning.

"Well she has a British accent so imma assume she's from England," I said somewhat sarcastically. 

"Really Xander, you hit up a girl and not even get to know her before hooking up with her," Sammi said shaking her head. 

"It's what I do," I said smirking. 

"Can we go watch Spider-Man?" Sammie asked. 

"Why, isn't that for little kids?" Amo asked. 

"So I can watch Tom Holland for two hours, aka the boy who has a frog in his mouth," Sammi said

"Whos that? And why does he have a frog in his mouth?" Adrien asked. 

"It's all a joke he doesn't actually have a frog in his mouth...please," Sammi said

"Ok fine, give me the money and put our dogs up your shirt," I said. 

"Or we not watch a movie," Amo said. 

"But I want to," Sammi said pulling the puppy dog face. 

"Fine," Blake said. They all handed me the money and put our pups up their shirt as we slipped in to watch the movie.

I love my idea for Ellie

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