Gang Leader's Son

Being part of a gang and being the next gang leader have two whole separate problems. Xander being born as the next gang leader of the Black Panther gang has a lot of responsibility along with attending school and being a normal teenage boy. Of course Xander wants to fall in love also.


5. 5

"Clarke!" Coach shouted nodding in the direction behind Adrien. I ran behind Adrien and caught the ball. I then ran to the end line and got another touchdown. 24-15, we're gonna win. After 3 minutes the game was over with me scoring the final touchdown.

"Good job," Amo said hitting my back.

"It wasn't hard, they suck. Anyways it wouldn't be anything without you and Adrien," I said.

"Aww thanks man," Amo said.

"Good job," Belle said coming over to us.

"Thank you, now let's get shitfaced," I said.

"I thought you told your parents you weren't drinking?" Adrien said as we walked to the locker rooms.

"I can't tell them I wanna fuck a ton a girls also," I said.

"Wow Xander you go ahead and do that," Adrien said. I then took a shower, then put my Letterman jacket on and pants then walked to my car to see Sammi with Sebastian, Connor, Adrien, and Amo around her.

"Finally you're here," Sebastian said.

"Gotta be grand," I said and unlocked the door and got in. "Ready?"

"If you'd let us in," Amo said.

"Fine," I said and unlocked the doors and they got in. We got to the party and as usual the boys and I stayed together with Sammi this time. I grabbed some beer and Sammi grabbed the cup.

"No," Amo said before I could do anything. He then took the cup out of her hands and we then went to the living room.

"Why not?" Sammi shouted over the music. 

"They all are spiked," I said and saw Belle dancing alone.

"We got her," Amo said noticing who I was looking at.

"You better," I said then walked over to Belle.

"Hey," She said and started grinding on me.

"Wanna go somewhere more private?" I asked.

"," She said and moved away. Fuck, she's so difficult. I followed her into the kitchen and pinned her against the counter and started kissing her neck. No girl has ever resisted this charm.

"How 'bout now?" I asked.

"Please," She mumbled we were then on a bed and I was in her. It was none of that love sex, where you feel stuff, I really don't believe in that shit. It's a pile of bull that adults say to make you wait to have sex. Well I've had sex since I was 15 at my first party.

"That was nice," I said plopping down next to her.

"We should keep doing this," Belle said.

"Haha, I don't do relationships sweetheart," I chuckled getting off the bed.

"No... more like fuck buddies," Belle said.

"Possibly, I like that idea, just being friends with benefits," I said nodding.

"Come over to my place tomorrow?" Belle asked.

"I'll text you," I said and left the room. When I got down I saw it was clearing up and Sammi was just with Amo.

"Hey, how was it?" Amo asked.

"Friends," I said.

"That's nice," Amo said nodding. I don't want Sammi knowing about my sex life because she might accidentally tell dad and that's not a fun conversation.

"So where are the others?" I asked.

"They just  picked up girls," Amo said. 

"Well imma go party wanna come?" I asked.

"Sure," Sammi said. We were then dancing when a girl started grinding into me. Oh she want it.

'go ahead' Amo mouthed and iI pulled the girl into a open room and had a quickie. After that I got out and went back down to find Sammi tired so I decided it was time to go. Right when I reached the bottom step some guy walked with her into a room. I saw Amo was knocked out on the ground. I lifted Amo up and took him to my car and put him in. Right when I walked into the house Adrien walked up to me.

"Sup man," Adrien said.

"Knock down that door," I said moving to the room Sammi's in. Adrien is one of the gang's best fighters so I know he can knock it down in one swing. Adrien kicked down the door to see some guy pulling up his pants and Sammi crying on the bed.

"Sammi!" I exclaimed then looked at the bastard trying to leave. "You!"

I then punched him in the nose and he fell to the ground.

"How sick can you guys get?!" I then continued kicking him in the gut and punching him anywhere.

"You BASTARD!" I exclaimed and my vision went red and I beat the guts outta him.

"SIR! GET OFF!" I heard someone shout and throw me on the floor.

"GET OFF ME!" I exclaimed and squirmed as they put handcuffs on me. Cops.

"Just calmly follow us to the car," The cop said. I walked with them to the car but slipped the cuffs off. Right as they opened the door I slipped past them and started running not looking back. There is no way in satans home am I going to jail. I then get to the gang house and took off my shirt and ran into the house.

"Xander?" Uncle James questioned when I walked in.

"H-Hi," I said catching my breath.

"What are you doing here? Like this?" He asked.

"If anybody knocks on the door don't answer it," I said.

"Xan-" Uncle James was about to say when someone started knocking on the door. Hard. I then ran into a random room nearby. I know I'm not supposed to be running from the police but Ican help it, I don't want to go to prison.

"Hello Officer," I heard Uncle James said. Motherfucker.

"We saw a boy from a party a few blocks down run into this house," He said.

"I'll get him," Uncle James said. I looked around for a place to run when the door opened.

"Xander," He said.

"No!" I exclaimed.

"Xand-" He was saying again coming closer.

"NO!" I shouted and was about to run past him.

"ALEXANDER SEBASTIAN LIAM CLARKE! YOU WILL GO OUT THERE!" Uncle James shouted at me. I then put my head down and walked out to the two cops in the foyer, and put my arms out. They then put handcuffs on and took me to their cars. I got in and we drove to the station.

"Alexander Clarke, son of Mason Clarke and Adeline Baines-Clarke?" The officer asked.

"Xander," I said.

"So, what happened?" The officer asked.

"Well I walked down to my friend and sister to see some guy touching her. I took Amo to my car. Shit Amo! Well anyways I then had Adrien knock down the door to see the the guy had raped my little sister. So I beat him, like I did with Grayson," I said.

"Grayson Keen?" The officer asked.

"Well he raped her 2 weeks ago," I said.

"Why didn't you just come here so we could sort it out?" He asked.

"It just happens," I said shrugging.

"Ok well if we have to bring you in once more there will be harsh consequences. We'll call your father and you're good to go," He said and led me out to a cell behind the desk. After waiting a while Dad came in looking disappointed.

"Let's go," Dad said when i walked over to him.

"Dad-" I was about to explain when her cut me off.

"We'll talk about this at home. With your mother," Dad said. It's always worse with mom. When we got home I saw Mom on the couch holing Sammi who had Blue in her arms and was crying. I saw Balto clumsily running over to me while skidding on the floor a little. 

"Balto," I said and scooped him up.

"Xander, come over here and sit down," Mom said. Oh shit. This is so not going to be good.

"Mom listen," I was saying.

"No Xander, you listen to me and your father. You need to learn to direct your anger somewhere else, not onto people. We just got a call before the police telling us the boy you beat up at the party had to go to the hospital and is in a coma because of the blood loss. At first you started light, but you are causing more injuries that could be long term. Also you are ruining the relationship between us and the Fight Method gang, if you don't stop we will give the gang leader position to Blake. You need to apologize to Grayson and solve over everything because he is going to be the leader of the Fight Method gang and you are supposed to be the leader of the Black Panther gang," Mom said.

"He hurt Sammi though," I said my voice cracking as tears brimmed my eyes. He hurt her. They all hurt her.

"He did, but Sammi is getting older and can start taking care of herself. You will also not always be around Sammi and she needs to handle situations without relying on you," Dad said.

"Mom...Dad...they all hurt her. It hurts me to see her hurt," I said crying.

"Xan," Sammi said and gave me a hug. I love my family to no end. They are my life and I don't want anything to happen to them.

"Xan, can you not hurt anyone anymore?" Sammi asked.

"Unless you ask," I said.

"Promise?" Sammi asked.

"I promise i won't beat anyone up unless you ask me to," I said wrapping my pinkie around her's.

"Thank you Xan," Sammi said squeezing me.

"Imma go wash up," I said standing up and then Balto started whimpering so I picked him up and took him to my room. I then set him on my bed and went to take a shower. 

I wish I didn't make that promise but I couldn't help it, she wanted me to and I did.

Hello so it was my birthday on Tuesday and then I went to Monterrey for the following two day and have to catch up on homework but in the middle of that i will be updating.

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