Gang Leader's Son

Being part of a gang and being the next gang leader have two whole separate problems. Xander being born as the next gang leader of the Black Panther gang has a lot of responsibility along with attending school and being a normal teenage boy. Of course Xander wants to fall in love also.


4. 4

"Xander?" Mom asked knocking on the door.

"Nooo," I mumbled rolling over in my bed.

"Xander," Mom said coming in.

"I'm sleepy," I said.

"Weren't you going to help your dad with gang business today?" Mom said sitting down on the edge on the bed.

"Yeah, but i'm sleepy," I said tiredly rolling over to face her.

""I made pancakes," Mom said smiling.

"Pancakes?!" I exclaimed sitting up.

"Yes, come down before they are all eaten," Mom said and got up. I darted out of bed pulled on jeans and ran downstairs.

"Can't you put on a shirt?!" Sammi said covering her eyes.

"Not when mom made pancakes," I said and pilled my plate up with the rest.

"There is no way you need all of that," Sammi said looking at my plate as i sat next to her on the island.

"Yes i do, i have a game tonight, remember," I said smirking and started inhaling the pancakes. I love mom's pancakes.

"Slow down," Tony said walking over.

"Hell naw, i love mom's pancakes!" I exclaimed and took another mouthful.

"Glad to know someone likes my food around here," Mom said laughing.

"Always," I said and finished the last pancake and placed it in the sink and gave mom a kiss.

"Your sucha mama's boy," Gabe said as i walked out of the kitchen to get ready.

"I'm proud to be also," I said smirking.

"Why?" Gabe asked following.

"Because then dad doesn't hate me as much, like you," I said and darted up to my room.

"Hey!" I heard Gabe shout as i ran into my room locking the door. I then grabbed my clothes and took a shower.

"Xander!" I heard my dad shout from downstairs.

"Coming," I said as i walked out of the bathroom to my clothes. After i put them on i ran downstairs.

"Ready?" Dad asked.

"Yep," I said.

"Let's go," Dad said.

"What about them going to school?" I asked.

"Your mom's taking them," Dad said. We then got in his car drove for 30 minutes to the other side of town. Although the Red Devils try acting ghetto, they're not. Hell they live on the east side. Dad knocked on the door and a girl opened it.

"Is Kian here?" Dad asked crossing his arms.

"Yeah, the second door to your right," She said and pointed to our right. Dad just nodded and walked over to the door and knocked.

"Come in," He said from inside.

"So let's start with you idea of changing the boundary lines," Dad said when he sat down. He's just getting down to business.

"I think it would be better for my gang if we grew a little spreading the north and south into the west," Kian said.

"Well our side is already pretty small with the school taking up some space," Dad said.

"Or we can wipe out the west side completely," Kian said smirking.

"Or the east side," I mumbled.

"What was that boy!" Kian exclaimed hearing me.

"Well the east side is just growing with no gang development just houses with the people still belong to other gang," I said.

"But we need the east side," Kian said.

"Yeah but we can shrink the east and grown the south and west, we need it," I said.

"B-but," Kian said coming up with nothing. So to explain it, the Red Devil district is the east side, the Cheater district is the north side, the Fight Method district is the south side, and us, the Black Panther district is the west side.

"Second, your gang has been skipping out on fights," Dad said.

"We have a huge flu going around," Kian said.

"Fix it, i got a report from the council that they will make us stop fighting for 6 months if its not resolved," Dad said then stood up.

"Is that is?" Kian asked.

"Yes," Dad said and walked out with me following.

"Are we getting the puppies now?" I asked when we got in the car.

"Yes," Dad said chuckling at me. When we got to the pound we saw two husky puppies. Both of them were black and white and had bright blue eyes, but one was a girl the other was a boy. Dad decided to adopt both, because of me, and i get the boy and Sammi gets the girl.

"What are you going to name him?" Dad asked as we got in the car with our puppies.

"...Balto," I said holding him.

"Like from the movie?" Dad asked.

"Yep," I said and snuggled my new puppy. What can i saw i love dogs. We then went out to get a pen and get food and all the other necessities. When we got home it was just me and dad.

"Dad...I have to tell you something," I said slowly holding both the puppies.

"You didn't get a girl pregnant did you?" Dad asked shocked and turned to me.

"No..." I said and tried figuring out how to say this. "Benjamin was asking Sammi for nudes and he sent her some."

"Benjamin Curhan?" Dad asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Hmm, i'll tell his parents and they can talk to him about it," Dad said. "And how do you know this?"

"Well Sammi's getting bullied and i wanted to see what they were saying to her," I said.

"Xan?" Sammi asked walking into the house.

"The kitchen!" I said.

"Omg are those husky's! Well obviously but..." Sammi said running over to me.

"Yep, here Sammi she's your's, what do you wanna name her?" I asked handing her the girl.

"What did you name yours?" Sammi asked looking at Balto.

"Balto," I said petting him.

"Hmm... I'm gonna name her Blue," Sammi said looking at Blue.

"Blue?" I asked.

"Yeah her eye's are bright blue," Sammi said.

"Well imma go over to the gang house for the boys, see ya later," I said and handed dad my puppy.

"Yo Xander," Amo said getting in the car.

"Excited?" Adrien asked.

"Hell yeah, and i brought clothes if ya needa barrow a shirt," I said.

"So you wanna get busy tonight?" Connor asked.

"Always, but one of ya are gonna need to watch Sammi," I said.

"Sure," Adrien said. "But i still wanna get shitfaced."

"Me too, i wanna drink a little," I said and we got to school. Some fag decided that we'd have practice before a game but here we are.

"Xan?" Gabe said running over to me.

"What?" I asked.

"We need you quickly at the field, coach's request," Gabe said. I nodded and motioned for Adrien and Amo to come also. We never go anywhere without each other.

"What happened?" I asked the coach.

"We need a replacement for the game tomorrow," Coach said. All the other teams except us have a game tomorrow or next Saturday, only Varsity Seniors or Juniors can play Friday nights.

"...So," I said.

"Could you or..." Coach said.

"Adrien?" I asked turning to him.

"I think we have one person," Amo said.

"Ok tell you coach and then you can discuss it, thank you," Coach said.

"No prob," Adrien said and we then jogged over to the field.

"Coach i think that Nathan should go help with the 8th game tomorrow because a player cant be there," I said.

"I'll talk to Nathan, ok boy's we're practicing passes go," Coach said. I paired up with Amo and Adrien ran over to some random kid and we were practicing our passes.

"Clarke, Sanchez get over here!" Coach shouted at us. 

"Yes coach," I said with Adrien and Amo behind me.

"Go take the other's to the other side and practice your defense, red vs. blue," Coach said. I then ran back over to the team and I, captain of the red team, and Adrien, captain of the blue team, chose who we wanted and moved over to the other side of the field. A couple minutes later the cheerleader came onto the field and practiced their routine for tonight. I love cheerleaders.

"Dammnnnn," Someone said.

"I know," I said.

"I'd tap that. The little blondie," Someone said.

"That's not saying anything," Someone else said.

"The mini girl Clarke," He said.

"The fuck you sayin' bout my sis?" I asked walking over to him.

"Xander," Adrien said pulling me back. "Let's keep practicing."

"Ok back to the 30 yard line," I said. The Blue team then threw the ball in the direction of a teammate behind us but it went hurling at the cheerleaders. Next thing i know Sammi's on the ground holding her nose.

"Sammi," I said and went over to her with my team.

"Xan, it hurts," She mumbled.

"Move your hands," I said grabbing her wrist lightly. When she moved her hands it looked like nothing was wrong and it wasn't bleeding.

"Nothing's wrong with it but let's put some ice on it so it doesn't swell," Belle said. the cheer leading coach then grabbed ice and handed it to Sammi and we went back to practicing for tonight.

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