Gang Leader's Son

Being part of a gang and being the next gang leader have two whole separate problems. Xander being born as the next gang leader of the Black Panther gang has a lot of responsibility along with attending school and being a normal teenage boy. Of course Xander wants to fall in love also.


3. 3

At 2:30 after and 1 1/2 hour work out Xavier let us leave to go change for football. So of course we went to football and had another 3 1/2 hour practice for the first game of the season tomorrow.

"So when are you gonna tap that?" Amo asked looking over at Belle. Yeah she's on the senior varsity cheer squad with Sammi. Although Sammi is in 8th grade the squad and coach accepted her into the senior team, which also go on a lot of out of state competitions. The fun thing about it is Dad or Mom are usually is too busy to go chaperon so i go and i getta meet a ton of hot chicks.

"Probably tomorrow night. She won't be able to resist this after the game," I said gesturing to my body as we walked to the locker room.

"Only in your dreams," I heard Belle scoff from behind me. She's probably going to the girls locker room which is near the boys.

"Why are you talking about yourself wanting me in your dreams?" I snapped sassily.

"I-I didn't say that," Belle said not coming up with an excuse making my smirk grow.

"XANDER?!" I heard Sammi's voice shout. What the fuck?! I stopped along with Amo seeing one of the teammates pushing Sammi against the wall.

"GET THE FUCK OFF MY LITTLE SISTER! YOU SICK BASTARD!" I exclaimed jumping him and pushing him to the ground and started punching  and kicking him repeatedly.

"Mr. Clarke?" The principal said shaking his head as he turned the corner with coach.

"He attacked Sammi," I said and put my hand up in defense.

"Just go home. We'll see you at the game tomorrow," The coach said sighing. I'll kill you tomorrow number 45.

"Let's go Sammi," I said and went to grab my back pack as she did. All of us pilled up in my car but I made Connor sit on Sebastian because I didn't want my little sitting on one of those perverts lap.

"This is awkward," Connor said.

"Would you rather be in the hospital?" I threatened.

"Talking about hospitals..." Adrien said looking at his phone.

"What happened?" Amo asked.

"Do you think that guy had to go to the hospital?" Adrien asked looking at me.

"I'd love if he was dead," I said gripping my wheel harder.

"Xander! But he probably will be benched during the game tomorrow," Sammi said.

"Who is he anyway? I only got his jersey number," I said pulling into the house.

"I don't know either," Adrien said laughing and got out of the car Amo, Connor, and Sebastian.

"Let's go home," I said to Sammi and backed out to our house.

"Are you going to the party tomorrow?" Sammi asked.

"Hell yeah. I am the staring quarterback and I go to every party," I said.

"Could you... well... um... ta-" Sammi was saying when I cut her off.

"No. You are not going to a party," I said sternly.

"Why not? You always go," Sammi said.

"I'm a senior, I'd say the same thing to Blake," I said.

"But you started going when you were a sophomore," Sammi complained.

"Well you can start going to parties when you're a sophomore then," I said and parked the car outside the house to see 2 other car's outside. The fuck?

"Mom?" I asked walking into the kitchen.

"How was practice?" Mom asked giving me a hug and Sammi.

"Good. Who's car's are those?" I asked.

"It was nice talking again Liam," I heard dad say.

"They're here?" I asked frustrated.

"Xander it only has to do with the gang. Just go shower and do your school work," Mom said.

"Fine, but they're ass pricks," I mumbled under my breath.

"What was that?" Mom asked.

"Nothing," I said and ran up to my room.

"So I heard you have a girlfriend," Gabe said walking into my room. "Are you always naked?"

"I was gonna shower," I said laughing.

"But Xan has a girlfriend?!" Tony said walking over.

"Who?" I asked jokingly.

"I knew it was a rumor," Tony said.

"Who are they saying?" I asked and grabbed new pair of boxers.

"Belle Keen," Gabe said.

"I'd never have date a keen. But I'll have sex with her," I said.

"Bro I'm not interested in your sex life," Tony said.

"You asked," I shrugged and walked into my bathroom. After I washed up I walked back into my room and saw Sammi.

"Eek!" Sammi exclaimed and covered her eyes. "Why don't you be normal and change in the bathroom?"

"Because mostly guys in this house," I said shrugging.

"Doesn't matter," Sammi said.

"Ok I'm clothed," I said.

"You're strange," Sammi said and looked down at her phone as she got another text.

"What's up?" I asked plopping down in my chair across from her.

"Umm...I just came because mom made lasagna," Sammi said quickly and stood up.

"Sammi what was that text you got?" I asked. According to Blake, Tony, and Gabe, Sammi has been getting bullied, mostly online but that doesn't matter, she's still getting bullied.

"Nothing Xan, let's go eat please," Sammi pleaded.

"Fine," I said walked with her to the kitchen.

"Oh you're here I was about to eat your food," Blake said laughing.

"You wouldn't," I said sitting next to dad.

"I would," Blake said.

"This is good mom," I said smiling at her.

"You kiss ass," Blake said.

"You kiss-" I was about to say when dad interrupted me.

"Enough boys," Dad said.

"Mom, Dad, I may be late coming home tomorrow night," I said.

"Don't drive home drunk," Dad said.

"Not planning on drinking. I'm pretty much babysitting Adrien and Amo," I said laughing.

"At least they now how to party," Gabe said.

"I'm always the life of a party, anyways I'm not a party pooper, literally," I snickered. On my 12th birthday party Gabe literally pooped his pants and wouldn't stop crying which ruined the whole party.

"Mom, Dad, can I go to the party?" Sammi asked.

"No!" Gabe, Tony, Blake, and I said at the same time.

"Why do you want to go?" Mom asked.

"All the cheerleaders are going, and they've been talking about it for 2 weeks," Sammi said.

"Xander?" Mom asked.

"I'm not watching over Sammi I wanna have some fun also," I said.

"Xander she wants to go," Dad said.

"Yeah and I don't wanna get kicked out because I beat up some pussy for touching her," I said.

"Xander you always wanna beat up a pussy," Blake said winking. I mean he isn't wrong.

"I don't need someone to touch Sammi to beat some pussy," I said smirking.

"Xander you don't always have to fight," Mom said sighing.

"They learn easier that way," I shrugged.

"Xander," Dad said seriously.

"Fine," I said.

"Yay," Sammi said.

"And I can't even go to parties yet my little sister can," Blake mumbled.

"Because you're failing all your classes except pe," I said laughing.

"And what are your grades?" Blake asked sassily.

"I actually only have all A's," I said pridefully.

"But you got suspended, and at some points almost expelled," Blake said.

"Whatever," I said shrugging.

"So how's football?" Dad asked.

"Good, I hope this year we can go undefeated like you did your senior year," I said.

"That's some high goals to be like me," Dad said laughing.

"I doubt you'll go undefeated. It's probably gonna be because of me that our team goes undefeated," Gabe said.

"Young child you're only in 8th grade, nobody will remember by time you're a senior," I said.

"Unless I can go undefeated all through high school," Gabe said.

"That's a high goal," I said laughing, I've barely been able to do that and it's just the start of the season and I'm a senior so I can lose this year.

"You're gonna do it and since we are related I have the same genetics to do it as you do," Gabe said smiling like that made sense.

"You never pay attention in science do you," I said laughing as I got up to put my dishes in the sink. "Well imma go do homework."

"Wait Xander I'm going to see Kian tomorrow, do you want to come with? And no Grayson won't be around," Dad said.

"Sure but I have to be home by 2 to go to practice," I said.

"That's fine we have to be there at 9," Dad said. I nodded and jogged up to my room and grabbed a pencil and started working on all the work I have been missing. Principal O'Neil has been giving Sammi all my work because he trust her compared to my dimwit brothers'.

(Bold is the other person. Italicized is Xander.)

'yo man'

'whatcha doin' -Amo

'homework' I texted back and saw that I had Belle's number.

'Hey'- I texted. Less than a second later she replied.


'what are you doing?'

'homework. wbu'

'homework also'

'who's your math teacher?'

'Mrs. Nelson'

'same here. Do you understand the homework?'


'can you help me?'

'not over text'

'are you coming to the party tomorrow night?'

'All the other cheerleaders are'


'i bet you are'

'i always go'

'never missed a party'

'bye, gotta go'

I then spent the rest of the night working on homework. I checked my phone when I was done and saw it was 2 am. Sammi should be asleep and i know her password... I then slipped into the hallway only to bump into Dad. Shit!

"What are you doing up so early in the morning?" Dad asked.

"What are you doing up so early in the morning?" I asked instead.

"Touche. But really you should be sleeping you're a teenager," Dad said.

"I was just working on the schoolwork," I said.

"Why not just go to bed?" Dad asked.

"I wanted water," I lied and started walking to the kitchen. I'll just get water then. Dad then started walking behind me. The fuck?

"Why do you beat people up?" Dad asked.

"They usually deserve it," I said shrugging.

"Xander," Dad said signing.

"C'mon dad you should know what I mean," I said.

"I do but the injuries you've been inflicting have been very damaging to the other person," Dad said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I was told that someone had to go to the hospital from your football team because he had a broken arm," Dad said.

"Ok. So what, he was hurting Sammi," I said.

"Xander just learn to calm it down more," Dad said.

"How did you and mom meet?" I asked. I've never asked this before and I'm just now curious.

"Well your mom had moved here from North Carolina and I just started talking to her. Why?" Dad said.

"I dunno," I said and started washing my cup.

"Do you love someone?" Dad asked.

"No, but I hope one day I can meet someone," I said laughing.

"You might have to wait a while. Your grandfather had to," Dad said.

"Why'd you have more kids after me?" I asked randomly. I mean I wouldn't have minded being an only child.

"Actually, they were accidental," Dad said.

"Ok I didn't need to know that, just ew," I said cringing. "What about me?"

"For me you were planned, you mother, not so much," Dad said.

"Ok, night dad," I said chuckling and turned to go to my room.

"Wait Xander," Dad said.

"Yeah," I said turning around.

"What type of dog does Sammi like?" Dad asked.

"Sammi loves husky's. Dad are you gonna get her one?" I asked excited pretty much bouncing over to him.

"Yeah I think she's would enjoy having a dog and she has some much time. I don't want her to be reckless," Dad said.

"Can I go with you?" I asked excited.

"Sure, we can go tomorrow," Dad said laughing.

"Night dad," I said smiling and ran up to my room and remembered the text and slipped into Sammi's room and saw her sleeping peacefully.

I quietly walked over to her nightstand and grabbed her phone. As i was looking through her text i couldn't believe all the shit people said. I then saw that Ben texted her and when i read it and looked at the picture attached to it i couldn't believe it. I'll be having a talk with him with my boys.

Y'all my birthday's in 2 days and then i'm going outta town for a while so i won't be able to update. But if i have time tomorrow when i'm not doing homework i'll try updating a whole chapter.

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