Gang Leader's Son

Being part of a gang and being the next gang leader have two whole separate problems. Xander being born as the next gang leader of the Black Panther gang has a lot of responsibility along with attending school and being a normal teenage boy. Of course Xander wants to fall in love also.


2. 2

Practice was tough today since we have our first game this Friday and it's already Wednesday coach was cracking down on us. Since some of the team was slacking at the end of practice we had to 20 suicides and as a normal person I hate doing suicides. We then got back to the gang house and it was 7:30. Yeah I can get ready in 10 minutes. I took a quick shower and got changed into a button up shirt and clean jeans.

"Xander go change your pants," Dad said as I walked into the kitchen.

"But they're clean," I said shrugging.

"They're not professional though," Dad said crossing his arms.

"Fine, I'll change them," I said and put my hands up in defense. I changed my pants and ran down stairs right as the doorbell rang.

"Hello," I said as I opened the door to see the Keen's.

"Is Mason here?" Liam asked.

"Y-Yeah come in," I said and let them in. "Dad!"

"Liam, nice to see you again," Dad said and shook Liam's hand.

"How've you been?" Liam asked.

"Good, you?" Dad asked.

"Fair enough," Liam said and laughed.

"Xander you know the Keen's," Dad said.

"Yeah," I gritted out. I looked over them to see some lady next to Liam, probably his wife, the Grayson, damn I had that bitch I just wanna punch him, then Isaac, Anthony, and Belle. Well that's great.

"We'll go to my office," Dad said and started walking to his office. I stood behind the Keen's making sure Grayson didn't do anything.

"Long time no see," Grayson said standing by me. I didn't respond. "How are you doing?" Silence. "Why are you holding a grudge? It's not like your engine was stolen and you had to pay 500 grand to replace it."

"You fucking kidnapped my sister!" I exclaimed and punched Grayson in the nose.

"Xander," Sammi gasped running over to me as I was 'bout to punch him again when Sammi grabbed me pulling me back.

"You fucking bitch kidnapped my little sister and rapped her! YOU INCONSIDERATE BITCH! How the fuck would you act if I did that shit to your sister!" I exclaimed and kept kicking him in the gut and kicked a final blow in his dick.

"XANDER!" Sammi yelled and held onto me.

"You hurt my little sister because I stole you fucking engine. Sammi is a person. A person with feelings. A family. A future. Not a fucking car that would break down one way or another," I exclaimed. I had to go through shit for 2 weeks to get my sister back.

"I don't give a shit about feeling's. I also wouldn't give a shit if you fucked my sister. GO AHEAD! That's all you do. Fuck anything with a-," Grayson was saying when I punched him in the nose again.

"Get the hell outta this house!" I exclaimed.

"You can't-," Grayson was saying when Liam interrupted him.

"Grayson let's go. I'm sorry Mason for this hassle," Liam said and ushered Grayson outta the house with the rest of his family following.

"Xander?" Dad asked when they were out of the house.

"He was talking shit about Sammi," I said and pulled her into me.

"I get that but you didn't have to beat him up," Dad said.

"And he didn't have to rape Sammi," I said back.

"He's right Dad," Blake said.

"I'm definitely not saying what he did was even ok but you don't have to beat the shit outta them. You're already in trouble with the law right now and we can't get in more trouble," Dad said.

"Fine," I grumbled. "If anyone hurts my family they're getting it though."

"Find other way's from now on Xander," Mom said and grabbed walking into the kitchen.

"Wanna watch tv?" I asked Sammi.

"Disney Channel," Sammi said and ran to the screening room.

"I'll get the snacks," I shouted. When I got back I saw Sammi standing outside the door. "Why'd you not go in?" 

"Matt, Aaron, Ella, and Benjamin are in there," Sammi said.

"Everyone get the fuck out," I said and walked in. Everyone but Benjamin left. I suspicious of him around Sammi.

"What are you gonna watch?" Ben asked.

"Disney," Sammi said and sat down. I know I shouldn't hate Ben after him being around with Sammi whenever possible but I find it weird that someone can have a crush on my little sister. After what happened 2 week ago Sammi hasn't eaten and lost all her friends and is letting depression suck her into it's grasp. I sat down next to Sammi to make sure she ate something and streamed episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place and Suite life of Zack and Cody.

"I'm crashed, night Xander," Sammi said and gave me a quick hug and ran up to her room.

"Do you like my little sister?" I asked Ben.

"U-umm...w-why you asking?" Ben asked awkwardly. He likes her.

"She's my little sister. If you're going to lead her on like you like her and you 'change your mind' you're going to regret hurting my little sister after all the pain and suffering she's gone through," I said and left to my room.


"Hey Xander, I'm sorry for everything Grayson has done," Belle said standing in front of us. What is she doing at the mall? At 9? Isn't she supposed to be at school.

"You can show me how sorry you are," I said and pushed her against the wall behind me.

"H-how?" Belle asked.

"Sebastian, wanna go?" I asked smirking.

"Sure," Sebastian said smirking also.

"Wh-where are we going?" Belle asked when I pulled her into the car.

"You'll see," I said smirking.

"Here we are," Amo said and got out of the car.

"A lake?" Belle asked.

"Not any lake. This lake belongs to Sebastian's family and other people have to pay $200 to come here but they get to rent a boat also so it's kinda a win-win," I said and took off my shirt and pants and ran onto a rock and jumped into the water with all the boys following suit.

"Come on in!" Connor shouted at her and swam to the dock.

"Umm," Belle was saying when Adrien ran over to her. He was telling her something but I couldn't tell because a fatass named Amo dunked me under the water so I pulled him in with me. When I resurfaced though Connor cannon balled in and water landed all over me again.

"Connor!" I exclaimed and pushed him into the water. Finally when I resurfaced I saw Belle stripping down to her bra a underwear.

"Wow," Connor said next to me.

"I know," I said staring at her.

"Xander I really am sorry for everything that brother has done to you. I really didn't know what happened to your sister," Belle said swimming over to us.

"Yeah," I gritted out. Sammi has always been my baby sister and always will be and I will always protect her from everyone.

"This is the very first time I've ever ditched," Belle said.

"Really?!" Amo said popping out next to her.

"Yeah," Belle said looking down.

"But you got expelled. How?" Sebastian asked swimming over.

"Oh well a girl picked a fight with me so I fought back," Belle said. 

"Damn!" Adrien said.

"Xander wanna cannon ball?" Amo asked me.

"Hell ya," I said and ran to the dock. We then were swimmin' and messing around in the lake for what felt like 2 hours.

"I'm hungry," Adrien said and then his stomach growled hella loud.

"You're always hungry," I said laughing.

"You got that right," Adrien said.

"We should be heading back anyways so your dad doesn't get upset," Sebastian said and we then got out of the lake. We drove back into town and dropped Belle off and drove to the gang house.

"Dad?" I called.

"What time is it?" Amo asked.

"12:37," Connor said.

"We have time to eat," I said as we walked to the kitchen to see Benjamin standing against Sammi.

"Wow!" Adrien exclaimed.

"Xander!" Benjamin exclaimed.

"What are you not doing at school?" I asked him.

"Umm..." Benjamin said coming up with nothing and putting his head down.

"Just because my sister is sick doesn't mean you can hit on her," I said.

"Xander? All of you boys go to the workout room Xavier has a workout planned for all of you," Dad said coming into thee kitchen.

"What?! But dad's gonna kill us and we have football later," Amo said.

"You boy's are the one's who stole from your school so you're paying the price," Dad said and grabbed water then left.

"Let's just go," I said and walked down the 3 flights of stairs to the work out room.

"You're here let's get started," Xavier said smiling evilly. This is gonna be so tough.

Hello so anyone here from Gang Leader's Choice i hope you like Xander and anyone new well same. This story is mostly going to be in Xander's pov so if you want things in more detail that probably won't happen. I'm sorry about that but to make it more realist to the boy's mind i'm writing this like it is and boy's usually don't think too deep (as quoted from my very close guy friends) anyways hope you'll enjoy this story and i don't know how much i'll be able to update to me going out of town next week after my birthday and for my mom's birthday.

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