Life's Journey

Bella wakes up in this strange land not remembering anything. Visions and dreams help her remember who she is but how can she get back to her real life? Does she want to return? If you could change your life forever would you?


3. school drama

In front of me is an old school building. It looks familiar though. Walking around the building dodging broken windows, sharp metal sticking out everywhere and come across a huge whole in the wall. The size of a car. I slowly go through the whole and explore around a little. Classrooms here and there, books on the floor papers everywhere and finally a spray can on the floor. The wall had a symbol painted on it. I see myself in this school and a bunch of other people. I am around 15 years old in this vision and don't know anyone. Except this one boy who looks familiar. I was spray painting this sign on the wall and a girl comes up to me pulling on my arm saying we have to go. An alarm goes off and sirens come from everywhere. We ran to a car through the wall. And drove away. Back to the abandoned school I walk around for a little bit longer and end up tripping on a desk leg falling on my face again. I get a vision of me with a black and blue eye at school and everyone making fun of me. But this time I saw Jake in the corner looking sorry for me. I don't think I stayed friends with him based on his expression on his face. Wonder what happened between us? I kept walking around and find a locker. Locker 321. That number comes to mind. It's my locker. This is my high school. What happened? In my locker is two books a picture of me and the girl from the vision. Hannah. Hannah is one of my friends. There is also a journal. I take it out and notice how the cover says "Faith hopes and love" all over it. Opening it I realize how some pages are missing. It's stories I wrote. About people in my life. My moms death, my dads death , my one friend, and everyone hates me were the story titles. I read the one titled "everyone hates me".

It read "of the day everyone turns on you starts off as any ordinary day. The friendly greetings and ignored the rest of the day. This day was no different. I was ignored by everyone even Hannah. The day was over. Leaving school and ready to walk home alone. All alone until a mass crowd of people come up behind you. My first instinct is to run somewhere where I can loose them. So I ran to a bunch of rocks and kept my pace losing half the crowd. Back on the streets and five people left. I knew two of them. My friend Hannah and the one who always bullies me Tyler. He pushed me off the swing when I was young and he made me vandalize the school with them. I couldn't keep up running for ever so I just stoped and surrendered. I was betrayed and humiliated. They punched and kicked me all over. I was left there for a few minutes and passed out. This time I saw a boy coming from the bushes to help me. He picked me up and carried me to the hospital. It was Jake. He was there to help me and I don't even remember. But I watched him take me to the hospital and I never wake up. It's been a few hours and only Jake has been with me. I lay in bed motionless while he sits in his chair reading a book. I come back lying in bed. It was the hospital room. I was alone though. My head hurts and I have bruises on my arm.

"Where am I?"

Am I back to reality or just dreaming still. I try to get up but Jake just enters the room shocked to see me awake.

"Bella! You are awake. But get back in bed please. You are badly banged up and have a mild concussion."

He was so happy to see me awake and looks concerned for me.

"What happened to me?"

I was very confused and now everything hurts.

"You have been unconscious for three days. Do you feel Ok?"

I said to him "confused at the moment. But glad to be back."

It goes silent and many questions come to me and I want to know the answers.

"Jake has anyone come to see me?"

He didn't answer the question because he knew I would be upset that no one came to see me in the hospital to see if I was all right.

"Jake it's ok. Have you been here the whole time?"

He smiled and said that he has.

"I'm sorry Jake for what ever happened between us. I lost a lot of my memory in I think a beating."

He laughed and told me the story of what happened.

"You see, when Hannah became your friend, you kind of ditched me and went off with her crew and didn't want to see me again. You guys got into some trouble and did bad things. I sat on the sideline watching in case you ever needed me, and you did. I wanted to be there for you when you fell. I really care about you Bella."

I felt guilty for hurting the one person who cares for me.

"I'm sorry Jake I didn't know. I guess being cool was more important to me than being with a person who really cares about me. I owe you big time."

The doctor came in and checked to make sure everything was all set with me. Jake never left my side. The whole week. We played games and he kept me company the whole time. I kept getting lost in his green eyes every time I looked at him. I was cleared to leave a few days later. We both changed schools and became the best of friends. He was always there for me when I needed him the most. I finally found some one who cares for me and will never let me go. If I could go back in time I would not change a single thing. Being abused by my "friends" led me closer to my best friend and I would have never met my mother if I was not in a coma. Sometimes bad things will happen to you. But you have decide to look at the negative side of it or the good that can come from it.

The End

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