My first screenplay, about a mutant girl named Fox, who ends up locked in a prison with other mutant girls like her.


2. Scene two

INT. A metal yard, morning
About twenty half animal creatures run around a prison yard. Some are playing pickup basketball, some are fighting, and others sit off to the sides, watching. The gate is guarded by two men in black uniforms. The gate slams open, and two men enter, holding Fox by the arms. She stares in awe as one blows a silver whistle.

Alright, mutants, line up!

Gradually, the various mutants fall into a line. They are all wearing grey jackets over lighter grey t-shirts, and black skirts, KICHA stands out in front, with her arms crossed. Kicha is a girl with a dragonlike head, and a long sharp tail that lashes at the air behind her. She has a sharp pair of horns that curl back from her head, and she smiles with a mouth full of sharp teeth.

This new girl is Fox. You show her the ropes, understand?
They nod, and the guard leaves. Instantly, Kicha steps forwards.


Alright, you know what to do.


The mutants form a ring around Fox, who shuffles nervously. Her ears twitch, but she has yet to put out her wings. Kicha circles Fox, who turns nervously to follow her.

What's going on? Did I do something wrong?


You're new. That means you've gotta learn the rules. You break the rules, you answer to me.
You keep breaking the rules, you answer to the guards. And they'll be a lot less forgiving than I am. Names are only shared within your bunk group, otherwise we go by our code numbers. Never speak to the guards. Never speak to the others.

Fox interrupts, completely overwhelmed.

Who are the others? And why don't we speak?


Kicha keeps going as if she didn't hear Fox. A few of the mutants laugh.

When the people with black suits come, don't look them in the eye. Don't speak. Do your job. Stick to your station, and shut up.


Kicha turns to Fox, crossing her arms.

Got that, newbie?


Fox stares at her, frustrated and scared. She looks around as if to run, but is ringed in still. Turns back to Kicha, eyes wide

No, I don't get it! What's wrong with talking?! Why am I here?! And who are you people?


Kicha glances at the others, who are all smiling like Fox's temper tantrum is amusing. They've all clearly seen this before. One of them, a girl with dark skin and a scorpion tail looks sympathetic, but won't meet Kicha's eyes.

We're your new family. For what it's worth, welcome. Because this is where you're stuck for the rest of your life.


Kicha leaves, the other mutants filing after her until only GRETA,the scorpion girl, is left. She approaches Fox nervously.

Hey, I'm sorry about her.


Fox is instantly on guard. She whips around, jumping back, and Greta reaches out a comforting hand.

I'm not gonna hurt you. And Kicha might act all tough, but she's not gonna hurt you either. None of us are. If there's anywhere you're safe, it's with us.


Fox looks at Greta, desperate. She makes a little helpless gesture with her hands, and stammers for words. Greta waits, until she can finally speak.

What's happening?


Greta takes a deep breath, clasping her hands behind her back.

It's... a long story. Walk with me for a bit, will you?


Fox nods, and the two start off across the now empty yard. Somewhere a bell is ringing. Both ignore it, as Greta keeps taking.

This place was founded maybe fifty years ago, when an epidemic of a new virus broke out. It gave humans animal-like traits. Individuals were quarantined, and people thought the epidemic was over.


The bell has stopped ringing.

And then... it came back.



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