My first screenplay, about a mutant girl named Fox, who ends up locked in a prison with other mutant girls like her.


3. Scene three

INT. A HOSPITAL, midnight
Nurses and doctors rush back and forth. The air is full of animal sounds. A doctor in white runs past a door with deep scratches in it. There is banging from the other side of the room. He enters a room with a pregnant woman in it. Greta's voice over continues.

The virus was carried from mother to daughter, giving birth to a new generation of mutants.


There is a child's cry, and the mother gasps as the doctor lifts a baby, which has a jaguar face. The doctor tries to hide it, and rushes it out of the room. There is a rapid stream of clips of doctors holding mutant children. One with octopus tentacles, another with a birdlike face, another with a scorpion tail, one with a centipede like body, a baby with a small dragon like snout, and twins with snake tails.

There was nothing that could be done to fix the children. They tried. So they locked them away, in a place that could never be found.


Int. Dorm room
The same group of mutants seen as a baby are now small children. There is one new arrival- a girl with four arms. Two are normal, and two are mantis claws. They sit in a circle beside a set of white cots, being instructed by a man with a long white coat. JALA, the small jaguar faced girl, raises her hand.


Why aren't we allowed to leave?


Because what you have is very dangerous. You can't go back, because it's not safe.


Greta, eight years old, raises her hand in turn.

Why isn't it safe?


The doctor is starting to get irritated

Because what you have is dangerous.


MANTIS, the girl with preying mantis arms, stands, expression angry.

This is stupid! I'm leaving.

Mantis storms towards the doors, but is stopped by a guard. She tries to push past him, and he holds her back. She lets out a scream, and attacks him. He pulls out his gun, and shoots it at her. A pulse of electricity hits her squarely in the chest, and she falls to the ground, shaking violently. The room goes crazy. The young mutants start panicking, and the doctor yells for them to be quiet. Greta's voice over continues, quiet and sad.

They taught us from a young age that we were trapped here, and could never leave. Anyone who tried would suffer for it.


The scene changes again to the same room, several years later. They are now 11 or 12. Mantis is missing. The door slams open, and a guard enters, throwing Mantis to the ground.

We caught her trying to escape through the west wing.


Thank you, we'll take it from here.


The guard salutes, then leaves. Doctor kneels next to Mantis, lifting her chin with a finger. She has bruises all over her face, and a scar on her left cheek. She glares at him defiantly.

I warned you, 1873. You'd best give up.


You'll never win. You can't keep us here forever!


Cut to: A room, a few years later

Int. Testing cubicle
Greta stands in a plain metal room, solving a puzzle on a screen as fast as she can. There is an angry scream, and she turns, seeing Mantis being dragged by a guard, who holds a gun to her head. Mantis is fighting, but isn't managing to do anything effective. Puzzle forgotten, Greta runs to the window, in time to see Mantis dragged out of sight.
She screams Mantis's name, pounding on the glass. A second later, we hear a gunshot.

Fade TO: Yard
EXT. A METAL YARD, Later morning
Camera focuses on Greta's face, thoughtful and sad. Fox watches, eyes wide.


Mantis wasn't the only death. There were plenty of us who tried to escape. They met the same end.


Why do they kill us?


Because they don't know what else to do with us.


The door to the yard slams open, and Guard 1 reenters, focusing on Greta and Fox.

Where have you two been?! Get inside! Now!


Greta bolts past him, grabbing Fox's hand and dragging her along. The guard delivers a sharp slap to the back of Greta's head as she passed. Fox flinches in sympathy, but Greta ducks her head and keeps going. The two disappear into the building. Fox is now shaking.

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