My first screenplay, about a mutant girl named Fox, who ends up locked in a prison with other mutant girls like her.


6. Scene six


Kicha walks from bed to bed, knocking on the frames, and shaking people awake. She pauses at Fox's bed, before moving on without waking her. She shakes the last person awake, and they go to stand in a line in the back of the room. Mackenzie pauses.


Hey, what about Fox?

Kicha shrugs, expression cold and distant.


She's new. She's got to learn her lesson. Better now than later. Leave her.

Kicha turns away. Mackenzie glances at Fox one more time, then starts towards the back of the room. As she reaches Fox's bed, she slams her hip against the bedpost with a loud clang. Kicha turns, and Mackenzie starts yelling at the bed. The noise startles Fox awake, who looks around blearily.


What happened? What's going on?

Mackenzie stops her dramatic performance, and gestures towards the back of the room.


Morning lineup. Come on.

Kicha glares at Mackenzie, who smiles innocently back. Fox stumbles into line next to Mackenzie. She's at the far end. Kicha, as always, takes center. The door bangs open, and a guard marches in. He looks up and down the line, focusing finally on Fox.


You must be our new arrival. You'll be taking the test today. The rest of you, your usual places.

Mackenzie shyly lifts her hand, stepping forwards. The guard turns on her, expression angry, and she flinches.


I can show her the way. It would be... bad if she got lost. Kicha shoots Mackenzie a glare, but the guard nods.


Fine. But you'd better not be late
to yours.


The guard turns back to the line, looking up and down the group.


Clean up this room, then get to your training by no later than 7. Dismissed.

The guard leaves the room, and everybody scrambles to make their bed. Mackenzie tries to help Fox with hers, but Kicha shoves her back to her own. Mackenzie shrugs apologetically, and goes back to making her own. Kicha comes around and inspects the beds. She nods to various people, and they file out. She stops and Mackenzie bed and shakes her head. Mackenzie's face falls, and Kicha gestures for her to redo it. Then she stops at Fox's bed, and scowls.


Not good enough, new girl. Clearly you haven't learned yet. Perfection is the most. Important. Rule.

Kicha stares Fox down, and Fox shrinks back, eyes darting towards the ground. Her response is in a weak whisper.


I'm sorry...

What was that, new girl?

Fox winces, then speaks a bit louder.


I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

Kicha nods, satisfied. She glares at Mackenzie, who flinches and looks away.


Get to it. You don't want to be late around here.

Kicha storms out of the room, leaving Mackenzie and Fox alone. Mackenzie quickly makes her own bed, then nudges Fox aside, and makes her bed too, rolling her eyes.


You didn't have to do that.


You're new. We ought to cut you a
little slack. Besides, Kicha's right, we don't want to be late. Let's get going.

Fox and Mackenzie leave the room, and go out into the walls way. Mackenzie gives Fox a running tour as they walk.



So here we have the dorms, where we
sleep. All girls. Not sure why. There's the dining hall, where they feed us some random chemical crap. Best not to think about that. Here are the personal training courses.


Through a glass window, two mutants, Jala, a girl with leopard spots, now wearing a black t-shirt and shorts, crouches at the start of a track. A light flashes green, and she runs forwards, leaping over obstacles as a clock tracks her time. In another one, CIRA, a girl with curly hair and a squirrel tail, scrambles up an obstacle course. However, she's too slow, the course beneath her glows, shocking her and making her fall. She crashes to the ground, then stands back up, scowling


That's Jala and Cira. If you can't
tell, the training isn't fun. Today you're taking a test to find out what you can do. It won't be that bad, don't worry! There's the yard through that door, and those are the testing cubicles. And here we are!


Mackenzie stops in front of a metal door. Fox stops too, looking worried at the thought of going in alone.


Hey, good luck, okay? Don't worry, it'll be fine. Now I've got to get to the training.

Mackenzie runs off down the hall, and Fox knocks on the door, which swings open. She steps through, and the door closes behind her.

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