My first screenplay, about a mutant girl named Fox, who ends up locked in a prison with other mutant girls like her.


5. Scene five

Ext. A wild forest, midday
Blurry scenes of Fox running. There is sharp, harsh breathing, and indistinct voices shouting. The forest whips by, and the camera shakes unsteadily as it follows Fox's progress. Her pursuers are faintly visible. The camera shakes, then falls to the ground. The sky is now visible, and the breathing is harder. Then a net falls from the sky, and the view is forced to the ground. Victorious shouts grow closer, and the camera whips back and forth as Fox thrashes. Blurrily, her pursuers are visible, and you can hear Fox screaming.
Cut to: Dorm
Int. DORM ROOM, late night
Fox's eyes snap open, and she bolts upright, breathing hard. Her eyes are wild with fear, and she looks around, forgetting where she is. She slowly calms down, and pulls her knees up to her chest, staring numbly at them
Fade OUT.

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