Four poems inspired by each of the Sanders Sides. (Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms Competition)


4. Anxiety/Virgil Sanders

Please accept me

I cannot change who I am

No matter how hard I try

I know I'm a monster


Please accept me

I just want to protect you

I love you all too much

To just watch you get hurt


Please accept me

We were all so close once

What happened to us

I know I stayed the same


Please accept me

I hate myself so much

I need someone to love me

So I don't feel worthless


Please accept me

Darkness and all

Surround me with your light

And cleanse my poisoned sou;


Please accept me

I don't have anyone besides

The shadows that lurk

And the voices that whisper for me to join them


Please accept me

I can't do this alone

The pain is too much

The loneliness is crippling


Please accept me

Oh, who am I kidding

You'll never accept me

I am the bane of your existence

A disease

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