Wrong Number

Lolita got a phone number which is written down in a book from the library. She thought it was her best friend's. What happens when she know it was not her best friend's and it was her tutor Harry Styles's.


1. Chapter one

Wrong Number


Lolita's pov

I got a phone number from library yesterday. I think is was Jenna's. Cause she always write down her phone number when she read books from library. She thinks if a hot guy would find her number and texts her. Jeez. That's why I took that number. I wanna show her that nobody found her number and texts her expect me. But I haven't text her yet. I was too busy with my freaking assignment. Oh god. It's almost 3:00 am. But I still can't sleep. What the fuck. Maybe I should text Jenna. She might be sleeping but I can't. So text her.

August 21, 2016

2:30 am

Text Message

Lolita: hey pizza! Sleep?

??: umm... Who is this?

Lolita: You silly. I'm Banana.

??: Banana? Which banana? Who you talking about?

Lolita: oh god! My fault. Wrong number. Sorry.

Fuck. That's not Jenna's phone number. Her mother throw her phone by the window cause she had sex with her boyfriend in her room. So this is totally not her phone number. So I turn off the lights and trying to sleep. I should sleep. It's almost 3:00 am. I've school tomorrow. I don't wanna go that freaking school. But I have to. When I was nearly fell a sleep, My phone's lights up.

Text Message

??: hey wait.

??: I can be your pizza. If you want.

What the hell. Is she insane? I don't know that's he or she. What should I say??

Text Message

Lolita: Lol. Desperate much?

??: what? No. I'm just boring.

Lolita: you're boring? At 2:30 am? Aren't you sleep?

??: not yet. Can't sleep.

Lolita: yeah, me neither.

??: not bad.

Lolita: bye

??: what? Why?

Lolita: kinda sleepy. I just can't waste my sleeping time on chatting with stranger.

??: But you just said you can't sleep.

Lolita: Yeh, But I have to sleep. I've school tomorrow.

??: school?

Lolita: yeah, why? Don't you have a school?

??: umm.. No.

Lolita: Oh, I want your life :(

??: Oh, don't be. I'm a stranger :(

Lolita: ok :(

??: Can I know your name?

Lolita: Sure. I'm Lolita Edward.

??: Edward? That's my middle name.

Lolita: Oh really? What's your name?

??: I'm Harry.

Lolita: Harry what? Harry Potter?

Harry: Thank you. But no. I'm Harry Styles.

Lolita: No you're not.

Harry: I'm really Harry Styles :(

Lolita: No. You're my pizza.

Pizza: Really? You change my name pizza?

Lolita: Yeah, why? You wanna be pizza styles?

Pizza: No banana. Thank you.

Lolita: You've already changed my name banana. Aren't you?

Pizza: maybe ;)

Lolita: I know that :(

Pizza: Baby you should sleep.

Lolita: oh god. What did you just call me? Baby??

Pizza: Yeah, why?

Lolita: You changed my name baby. Not banana. Right?

Pizza: Actually yes.

Lolita: I know that.

Pizza: Not bad :(

Lolita: bye daddy ;)

Daddy: umm.. Excuse me? What did you just call me?

Lolita: Daddy. Why? You called me baby. So I called you back, daddy.

Daddy: You might be a bad girl?

Lolita: If that was a question, no I'm not. I'm a good girl ;)

Daddy: Really?

Lolita: yep.

Daddy: Good girl?

Lolita: Yes daddy.

Daddy: Bye baby.

Lolita: Bye daddy.

I've no idea what I'm doing. Am I fucking out of my mind? Ugh. Whatever. I have to sleep. Oh fuck. It's fucking 2:50 am.


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