Flame Potter

I was adopted by Severus Snape. He says I have my moms hair and dads eyes. but I don't have glasses. I go to Hogwarts and find myself in the shadows of my older brother that I never knew. They say he was the boy who lived but I am younger and have a scar that is the shape of a death eater sign. That crosses the vain. On the left side.


2. Slytherin

  We arrive at Hogwarts and someone from outside yells "first years follow me." We all stare at the big man. He leads us into self rowing boats that lead to the entrance of Hogwarts then a women lead us through a hall into a room that professor Snape said was bewitched.

  "Once I call your name sit down and I shall put the hat on your head" she said. "Luna Lovegood."

  "Ravenclaw" the hat said.

  "Ginny Weasley."


  "Flame Potter" after she said the everyone stated at me then Harry then me again.

  "Slytherin." Everyone had a shocked look on there faces as I walked to Slytherin. The Slytherins clamped even louder.

  A boy taped me on the shoulder from gryffindor. "Yes" I said. He had read hair and he was a second year.

  "You are a Potter" he asked. He looked a little shocked.

  "You want me to prove I am" he shook his head. So I showed my scar.

  "Hey Potter female Potter" a boy at my on table said. 

  "What do you want" I said. 

  "Don't talk to him" the boy from gryffindor said.

  "Ginny what do you think" I said once I looked at her.

  " listen to my brother" she said.

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