Whisked Away

This has been rejected by.... three magazines? So I thought it was only fitting that I shared it here :'3 I guess I have a bit of a soft spot for it, I'd love it if more people read it and gave it a critique.


1. Whisked Away

    He had been trying to find where he left her.


    Surely she could not be that far. He swore she had been around this corner of the Red Castle. A flock of women in inky black dresses passed, their skirts rustling like paper. There! Was that her? Elegant, tall, and proud, with the stance of a lady. Could it be?


    On closer inspection, he realized that it wasn’t. It was a very lovely lady, for sure, and she was very inviting. Very similar to his lady, too. But still not the one he had been looking for. Gently leaving her be, he began his quest anew.


    There were so many of them! Where could she be? So many delicate flowers beckoning him with their thin, smooth fingers and pale complexions. They spoke sweet words that moved him in ways he could not understand. Their words carried promise in their abode, and hung in the air as fragments of something much grander. It didn’t matter that they had neither eyes to convey emotion nor mouths to convey words—no, for the words spoke for themselves.


    He could’ve stopped many times to be whisked away by one of them. Any one of them. Though, as tempted as he was, he fought to find her.  


    He remembered giving her something to stand out—a bright article of clothing. A hat, no less. One with every colour of the rainbow. Surely that would be his beacon of light in this pale darkness.


    But where was she?


    Had she lost her hat?


    Or had her hat been stolen, as she had no means to lose it herself? It was impossible that she got lost, yet he could see neither hide nor tail of her. Had something happened to her? Why, had she been stolen?


     Taken by some vile fiend of the night, who had an eye for his treasure?


    The thought chilled him to the bone. The castle wasn’t perfect without her. It wasn’t perfect if there was a single one of them missing, and not one of them could be replaced. They all made a beautiful whole, the symphony he couldn’t live without.


    Wait, there!


    There she was!


    Her hat only stuck out a little among the sea of grey, but the sight made him sigh with relief. Closer and closer he went, until he was right behind her. He grabbed her shoulder and….


    …Turned the page.


    He knew he had left a rainbow bookmark to mark down the page he was reading, dear page 326. He adjusted the bookmark, taking great care to make sure the rainbow ‘cap’ stood out amidst the sea of pages. He thanked his lucky stars that his infant nephew had decided to leave the pages intact, after all. And then he began to read.

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