The life of a tree

this the poem i wrote for a tree planting session in my school.
got me a mention in the news paper :)


1. the Giving tree

I started out as a seed,

no larger than a tiny bead.


Buried was within

my mother, the earth

and this is where ,

that I took birth.


Nourished I was 

with water and sun.

Broke the surface

a tiny green one.


Oh! lovely was the day 

that I saw the sky !

and decided to my roots

I will tower that high !


I grew branches long

and gorgeous green leaves .

I toughened my bark 

harder to breach


Now i am big.

and now I am strong.

I have shot up a mile,

and weathered many a storm.


A hundred little creatures 

in my embrace.

shelter them all 

with love and grace.


I spread out my limbs 

to give them shade,

those travelers who come along,

on blazing sunny days.


You, the humans, 

you for your bothers.

But I am a tree,

and I live for others.

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