Beauty\\ Lashton

Luke was always such a kind loving person. Despite being abandoned by everyone he loved, he always smiled. But, smiles don’t always mean they’re happy. Sometimes someone can be physically breathing but internally dying.


2. Beauty\\

I just want to be perfect.


Why can’t I be perfect?




Luke stared at his reflection, intently. He was searching any and every flaw he could find in his body.


I just want someone to love me.


I need to be Perfect


Everything needs to be perfect.


            “I’ll never be perfect.”


Go ahead, ruin your perfect skin.


Maybe then you’ll be pretty.


            “I just want to be pretty.”


Michael sat outside the door, listening to the boy debate back and forth with himself.


“You are pretty…”


Michael trailed off and with that, sadly left the door, knowing Luke wouldn’t ever believe him.


Mirror, Mirror can’t you see

What you show

Is ruining




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