Beauty\\ Lashton

Luke was always such a kind loving person. Despite being abandoned by everyone he loved, he always smiled. But, smiles don’t always mean they’re happy. Sometimes someone can be physically breathing but internally dying.


1. Beauty\\

Luke thought he had it all figured out. He was so sure that Calum was the boy he loved. Sure, the 19 year old boy had his quirks, but Luke thought Calum loved him.


Despite his getting drunk and abusing 16 year old Luke, he always told him he was sorry and that he loved the blonde boy to death. Then, he cheated on him with some random slut named Michelle.


The only person there for him was his best friend Michael. Since Michael was 19, he lived alone and since was Luke was 16, he was living with Calum. Then Calum kicked him out and he went to live with Michael.


He was forced to go to school where he was afraid of everything that moved towards him. Every day was the same routine. Get up, get dressed, and go to school. The same thing every day. Today was no different.


He did the same thing he always did, but today felt different. Luke didn’t know how that was possible. But apparently it was.


He sighed to himself as he unconsciously flinched at the people walking past. The hallway seemed to create a path right down the middle for the abnormally tall boy. He was so tired of smiling so he didn’t have to tell anyone how weak he was. He couldn’t handle anymore bullying than he’s ever had. He sometimes wonders what he did in a past life to deserve such a crappy present life.


And, suddenly it seems the world stopped moving, because in that instant, Luke stopped smiling. 

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