I Remember, My Love

A letter that a mourning man wrote to his love following World War II


1. I Remember, My Love

I Remember, My Love "Ich Erinnere Mich An Meine Liebe"


My love, I feel as though our time together was short, though I remember each moment vividly, I choose not to do so.

   I remember the crimson blood painting the pure white snow, a bullet penetrating your body and a loud thump as your body hit the ground.

  I remember the moment I told you to escape with me, I ended our lives with those words. The nodding of your head only sealed the deal.

  I remember the good times, too, the ones before the war. Even as we were a secret, I still loved you.

   I fell for your eyes first, a soft curiosity buried beneath bright golden irises made me yearn to know you, then for the little things you did, like the times you acted so childish I wondered if you truly were 25 and not 5.

  I remember the fights, I remember wondering what I ever saw in you to make me love you as purely as I did, and then I remembered and regretted ever doubting how true our love was.

   I remember you, my love, I will always remember you. Even as my feeling fades through my heart, I still remember the feeling I never knew I had, the one you gave to me.

   I remember how it felt to fall in love.

  But, I also remember what it felt like to come home to no one and lie by myself, without the person I loved the most. It was almost too much to bear.

  I thought about taking away my pain so many times since you were taken, but I still remember those single words and I shed a tear for my love, only one though.

 I keep my promises pure, and my undying love for you helps me to stop the pain and remember being happy.

I no longer visit your grave, it hurts too much to see your name carved in stone without being able to say it and see your beautiful smile light up the room at the sound of my voice.

My love, I will remember you, forever and always. I shall see you soon, and you shall soon read my letters in my soul I had not yet brought to life in the shape of lifeless pen and paper. I will laugh with you again, I will be able to see your beautiful eyes once again.

As I lay my weary soul down to sleep tonight, I hope your angel watches over me and brings promises of better hope tomorrow, my heart has not yet grown accustomed to the loneliness. The feeling of being alone in this big house scares me, it was cozy for the two of us, but now it feels suffocatingly large.

As I lie in bed, I stay awake, hoping to see a shooting star so I could see you one last time. I know you said to not feel sadness, but I miss you, my love. Words cannot describe how unbearable this pain is, the pain of losing the person closest to you.

I will remember you, my love, even as I feel as though I cannot carry on, I know I must.

In your memory, I will uphold my promise to you. I will remember the words you uttered to me as the life seeped from your eyes, “Keep going, I promise the storm will soon pass.”

I won’t forget you, I promise


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