"I don't understand this," I whispered, looking at the paper in my hands. My eyes scanned the small paper again. "They are almost gone." my eyes kept scanning over and over, finally giving up on the small piece. I sighed, dragging my bag over my shoulders, walking to the school.

Grace White, beautiful, mysterious, and quiet seventeen year old high school just graduated with her close friends, Oscar, James, and Neva. One day, they receive small notes from an anonymous person whose call themselves E. A. Morgan. They soon set off on a journey to Maine to find who this person is.

On the way there, they find out the truths about themselves and who they really are.


2. Two

        "This shouldn't be happening Grace."  Oscar hid behind the couch, covering his face with his shirt.        

        I  kneeled down and inspected the creature in front of me.  "Oscar, it's a cat."  I rolled my eyes.

        "I know it's a cat, but why aren't I sneezing? You know I'm allergic."  he crossed his arms and huffed.  "Well don't ask me then."  I stood up and picked the feline up, holding her in my arms.  "But that makes little sense!"  he replied.

        I completely ignored him, "I'm going upstairs.  You can deal with your own problems without me."

        "Kai."  I put my hands on my hips. "What are you doing here?"  The cat chuckled, changing its form to a girl.

        Kai was a small ten year old girl who I knew for a long time.  She is known as a shapeshifter.  Her white hair bounced in perfect curls, laying on her shoulder symmetrically.  Kai had bright violet eyes that could light a room and very thick eyelashes.

        Kai grabbed my bag from the bed and laid everything down carefully.  "Ms. Williams wanted me to help you. Remember?"  She cocked her eyebrow while looking at me.  I rolled my eyes and grabbed my computer.  Only time I can do this.

        You have logged into "The Dork Squad"

Snowbird >~> is online
Shimmy Jimmy is offline
Ozzy is offline
Grace Mace is online

Grace Mace: Guys get on.  I need to tell you something important.

Snowbird >~>: Wassup girl??

Grace Mace: We're going on a trip to Maine.

Snowbird >~>: Say what!?  This is why your my best friend. -hugs- GAHHH~~

Shimmy Jimmy is online

Shimmy Jimmy:  Let's do this!  When do we leave?

Grace Mace:  We leave tomorrow night.  I have everything for the train, meet me at the station at midnight and have everything with you.


Snowbird >~> is offline

Shimmy Jimmy:  On it.

Shimmy Jimmy is offline

        Once I finished, I looked over Kai's shoulder to see what she was going.  "Who are we looking for?"  Kai only growled in response.  "Look I like you and all, you're a chill person Grace.  But let me do my job and please don't get in my way, okay?"

        Kai is also known as a helper.  Helpers are designed to do the dirty work for others and go on all kinds of missions.  You can think of them like spies.  Kai was raised that when she was told to do something, she had to do it and no one could bother her or else nothing would be accomplished.

        I sighed and walked away from her.  I really do like to sigh, don't I?  

        I open the door and walked out.  "Make sure it's locked."

        I close it behind me, walking back down the stairs. As soon as I reached the last step, I could hear the front door opening.  "Hello? Is anyone home?" Oscar's father, Arden, walked in.

        "Hello, Grace."  he smiled at me. I smiled back, waving.  "Is Oscar here?"  Arden questioned.

        "Yes, he's in his room,"  I answered. He nodded, walking up the stairs.

        I turn back, sitting on the couch.  My arm reached towards the remote, grasping it with my fingers.  I pull it over, turning on the TV.  "What do you mean you have to leave again!" Oscar yelled from his room.

        "I'm sorry, son. Paige is waiting for me at the restaurant."  Arden peacefully replied.  "Fine do whatever, it's not like you care, anyway."  The door slammed. I flinched when I saw Arden, "He doesn't mean that."

        Arden breathed, "Grace?" he paused for a moment, "could you please make sure he's all right? I have to go now."

        I nodded my head again.  "Sure thing."

        "Thank you.  You're a lifesaver."  Arden opened the door, running out.

        I sighed, turning off the TV. I stood up, walked up stairs to Oscar's closed-door.  "Why can't he understand?"  Oscar asked himself.

        "Because his mother didn't die while giving birth.  He's just trying to help you by finding someone else to act like your mother."  I answered for him, opening the door.

        Oscar turned his head, "Yeah and Paige isn't my mother.  She never will be either."  he huffed angerily and crossed his arms like a two year old.

        "I know this, but you could at least try to accept that Arden will be happy again."  I sat next to him, pulling him close.

        "No he doesn't care for his son, I don't care for his wishes.  You don't even know how it feels."  Oscar snarled.

        Oscar kept taunting and taunting about how horrible his life is.  "You don't have such a horrible life if you think about it,"  he turned his head back, "you would never know how this would feel."

        "I do.." I whispered.

        "How?" Oscar snarled again.

        "Do you want to know the reason that I came here?"

        Oscar widen his eyes.  He never thought he would ever get the change to know why she came.  When he first met her, she was so secretive, no one know what she was even thinking.  "Yes."

        "Ms. Williams found me on the streets because my family couldn't care for me anymore.  My family was poor and couldn't care for me, besides they never cared for me.  I was the black sheep.  I had a brother, they would put their very little money they had on him.  So I left to try and find another place.  Ms. Williams took me in and here I am."

        Oscar looked at me, some sort of emotion showing in his eyes.  Sadness.  He pulled me closer to him, laying my head on his lap.  "I'm sorry..."  he whispered.

        "How did it go?" Kai asked, looking up from her work.  "Okay.  I thought you didn't want to be interrupted."  She just shrugged her shoulders, "I'm taking a break."

        A couple hours went by and it was already 11:43, I laid down having Kai sorting through the files while I played with my fingers, thinking about the trip.  We would have to go across country from where we are, Oregon to Maine.  

        I felt pressure on the side of the bed.  Spencer was laying next to me, thinking.  "Want to see something?"  he looked to me, unnervingly calm.

        "You better be careful." Kai adverted her eyes.

        I smirked, "You know he will."

        Orange and pink filled the room as Spencer did his specialty.  These colors mixed with a dark violet and bright white, making the picture of a sunset.

        There was a knock on the door, everything disappeared.  Spencer left and Kai was rushing to get everything pushed under the bed.  She shifted back to a feline and laid on the floor next to the bed.

        "Grace?"  Oscar spoke through the door. "Yes?"  I called back. There was no answer, soon the door started to creak open.

        "I couldn't sleep and I was wondering if... you know, we could do what we used to do as kids.."  his voice trailed off and I chuckled.  Pushing over to one side, I pat a spot next to me.  "Come on."  

        Oscar smiled and jumped in.  "You're the best ever."  Were the last words before I fell asleep.

        I woke with a jump with I felt a hard chest in front of me. When I realized it was Oscar, I tried my best to push away from him, but no used. His grip was tightening.

        He moved one leg onto my waist, bringing me back as if I was a personal teddy bear. He sighed in content as he snuggled closer.  "You have to be kidding me." I whispered.

        Last night was the longest of my life and its only two in the morning. Oscar couldn't stay still all night. One time during the night, he was crushing me.

        Sun rays shown through the blinds as I covered my eyes with my free arm. "Oscar... wake up already..!" I groaned only to brought back to him. "No... you're warm, you know." he mumbled, smiling.

        "Yeah, well, I need to use the restroom." I squirmed from the death grip as he let go.

        I swung my legs over, my bare feet hitting the cold floor. I noticed a picture on the floor. I pick it up before heading out the door. My legs carried me along the narrow hallway as I walked into the restroom.

        Closing the door with one motion, I look at the picture in my hands.

        It was of a family of five. Two parents and three kids. The man held his head up high and proud. He had dark hair, almost black and dazzling electric blue eyes. The woman had bright red hair that flowed down her right shoulder. She had dark brown eyes, as if they were black themselves.

        Beside them stood the three kids, a boy and two girls. The boy and girl looked alike, both having black hair. The boy has his father's eyes while the girl's were amber. The boy was smirking to the camera, winking. The girl looked down, only her eyes were looking up and she was cupping her hands.

        The last child was a small baby, only look a few months old. She didn't have much hair on her head but it was light in color. She had bright brown eyes with flicks of green around the pupil. The woman was holding her with love.

        I sighed and looked back up, washing my hands. I tucked the picture into my jacket pocket and walked back to the room.

        "Hey Oscar, I have to head home," I started, only to wonder into the room with him passed out, "to get ready for tonight..." I smiled and packed my belongings. I put a note beside the nightstand explaining all details about the trip and such.

        My thoughts wandered off as I walked down the sidewalk, darkness welcoming me. 'Today is going to be a long day...'

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