"You don't just get to come back here and pretend things haven't change." I yelled at him outside my apartment, "Things haven't changed! I still love you." he grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me gently, then clutches my face.
There is a moment of silence.
"Eight years and you still drive me fucking crazy." he smiled softly at me, and the rain is heavy, in the cliche way. Harry leans in closer to me, moving wet strands of hair from my face, and as our lips are inches apart I hear a voice.
"What the fuck is going on?" and Roman is staring right at us.


2. Part Two

By the time Harry had finally excused himself it was late. Harry told me he'd call around tomorrow, and we could have a real catch up then. 

Right now, we are in a taxi, Roman is blowing smoke out the window. 

"That was fun." I grabbed his hand, and it was cold, he shrugged and made some effort to grunt at me. 

"You didn't look like you were having fun." he pointed out, and faced me, the smell of ash was hot on his breath. "I was just a little bit shocked that's all." I shake my head and offer him a warm smile. 

"You weren't expecting him?" he asked me, "No, like he said, he's just helping his dad move in. Harry's always been one for doing things like this." I smile again, hoping my jaw won't break from laughing and lying. 

"How'd you say you knew him again?" Roman frowned at me, "I grew up with him." I look away, holding myself together, ready for everything to come crumbling down.

"You've never mentioned him before." he acknowledged, "I guess he just never came up." I tell him. 

"He did an awful lot of staring at you." he told me, "Roman, what's gotten into you?" I shake my head at him. 

"Nothing, I just think it's a little bit weird that you've never mentioned him and then all of a sudden he's here, looking at you funny." he shrugged and took another drag of his cigarette.

"Do you think something scandalous went on?" I smirked at him, maybe by suggesting it, mocking it, it would actually make him believe it never happened. 

Just as I said it we were outside Roman's apartment, tumbling in the front door through the rain.  I kicked my shoes off and went straight upstairs, and Roman followed closer behind. 

"Will you get my dress?" I asked him and moved my long hair from over my shoulder, and moved it to the other, revealing my neck, and the perfume he likes so much. 

His hands are still like ice, but I know his blood is running hot.

As his fingers trace down the bare skin, we stand before the mirror. 

"Did something scandalous happen, with you and Harry?" he asked me in a low voice as we stared at each other in the mirror.

I took six months of acting lessons once, so I hoped this paid off. 

"Oh yes." I whispered, "We used to be together all the time. Running off into the woods, there was this little lake he used to take me too. And we'd just lie there, in the summer, with our clothes off. In the winter, we'd lie half naked beside a fire." I feel that I have convinced myself, and I feel tears threaten to fall and die on cheeks as the memories are still fresh.

"We'd lie there for hours. My mother would always scream at him when we got home, but we didn't care. We loved each other." I paused, and glanced at Roman's face. 

"Harry used to promise me every single night, just before the darkness came, that he loved me, and he'd never leave me. Because, we were going to run away together." I sighed.

Romans hands have hooked my dress, and he pulls it down over my shoulder. Revealing my small chest, medium stomach, and large legs. 

"Why didn't you?" Roman whispers to me, "What?" I turn to face him and slither out of the rest of my dress. "Why didn't you run away?" he asked me once more. 

"Because we were young, foolish and in love. Three things that are never a complimentary mix." I sighed deeply and laced my arms around his neck. 

"Those six months of acting lessons, really paid off." Roman smiled down at me, "Were you utterly convinced?" I smirked at him, as he runs a thumb over the loose tear that died on my cheek. 

"I almost was. But, then you said you loved him." he smiled, "And what makes that so hard to believe?" I cocked my head to him, and he laughed softly, and kissed my lips softly. "You told me you've never loved anyone, only me." he kissed me again, and I smiled into his kiss. 

I did love him. 

As he moved me back onto the bed and lay on top of me, I loved him more. 

As his lips ran down my body and loved my imperfections, I loved him more. 

The more he let his hands wander, the more I loved him. 

"I don't think it's fair that you have all of those clothes on." I paused and glanced down at myself, "When I have barely anything." I whispered, and he smirked at me, and unbuttoned his shirt slowly. 

"You know, sometimes, I just want to remind you how much I love you." he turns me over and begins to kiss down my spine. "Then why don't you?" I whispered, and moaned to him at the same time. 

"Because, I love to leave you wanting more." he smirked and stood up. I turned over to face him. 

"I'm going to shower." he smiled, "You put yourself to bed." he winked at me. "But, Roman. You can't just-" I moved onto my knees, "Look at me." I pout at him, and he smirked at me. "You do make it hard to resist." Roman bit down hard on his lip.

The Next Morning

I stood in front of the mirror at 6:30am. 

My blonde hair in curls, my black dress tight. My red heels high and sharp to match my lipstick.

"Do you have to look so good and leave me?" Roman cooed in a tired voice from the bed. "Unfortunately, I do." I smiled over at him and grabbed my purse from the bed side table. 

"How long is your day?" he asked me, and I shrugged. "I'm hoping to be home for six, then we can order take out and watch a movie." I suggested putting my earrings. "Sounds good, don't have too much fun." he reached up to kiss me and moved away, closing his eyes to sleep again.

I drove to my favourite coffee spot first. 

It was raining hard, I was glad I had an umbrella to assist me. I tottered my way inside, and smiled at the smell of freshly baked pastries at 7am. 

"Good Morning, Ade." Justin smiled at me, and I flashed him a smile as he stood with my order already in his hand. "You know one day, I'm not going to to order my regular and it'll really throw you." I grinned at him.

"I didn't get it for you this time. He did." A finger pointed over to a Harry sitting in the corner in a brown coat with his ripped black jeans, and old brown boots. 

"Thanks." I flashed Justin a smile and walked over to Harry. 

"Since when did you wake up before noon?" I asked him softly, he shrugged, "I figured this would be the best place to catch you alone." he stood up and pecked my cheek softly. I move back, not wanting to make him feel forgiven. 

"Well, thank's. But, I need to get going." I tell him and he nods slowly. 

"Can we have lunch?" he offered, and I turned back around to face him. "I'm really busy at work." I sighed, and he rolled his eyes and took a few steps towards me. "Just half an hour, we'll go to that Thai place you love." he smiled.

"Harry that closed down four years ago." I looked down at my feet, the red didn't seem as bright anymore. 

"Well, some other place. Please, I just want to talk to you." he told me, and I sighed, and handed him my phone. I told him to put in his number, and I'd text him where and when he could come and pick me up for lunch. 

"Thanks, Eve." he smiled at me, and it felt funny being called my own name. "Oh, and by the way. You look very beautiful in that dress." he gestured, and I smiled down at it. "Thanks, Roman bought it." I tell him, to remind him I am taken.

"Guess we both have good taste." he winks at me, and kisses my cheek once more. "I'll see you in a few hours." he told me and left me with a lukewarm coffee, and flaky pastry and a heart torn.

I arrived at work early by fifteen minutes. 

I worked for a small publishing company. I had manuscript after manuscript taking place on my desk. My boss tended to keep me here long hours, she was bit of a bitch. Always trying to trip me up, or cause a mistake for me. Lydia was her name. Lydia thought I was about to try and take her job, so she wanted to trip me up, to stop her boss replacing her with me. 

At company parties she's throw herself at Roman. That's another reason we didn't get on. But, I tried to be nice to her, make her squirm with my kindness. 

Today was long. I was constantly checking the time. Knowing that Harry would be here to pick me up soon, but also on edge knowing that at any moment Roman could come and surprise me as he often did. If he was sweet enough to Lydia she would let me go home early. 

Three heavy fists pounded on my door. 

Lydia appeared in a startling red dress, and black heels. Her long ebony hair ran think down her back, her very white flesh made her look, some-what dead. 

"What have I told you about visitors?" she frowned at me, placing a thin arm on her hip. Before, I could even answer her she held up a hand to shush me. "I've never seen him before. Did you finally dump Roman, because you knew he'd be better off with me?" she grimaced at me, and I rolled my eyes at her. 

"No." I stood up, and grabbed my bag and blazer. "Harry is a friend from when I was young, we are grabbing lunch. Roman is still mine, sweetie." I smirked at her, and she scoffed. "Does Roman know you're having lunch with that very attractive male out there?" she folded her arms across her chest, and I walked her out of the office. 

"Yes, he does. We don't keep secrets." I lie to her with a large smile on my face, and she mimics me. "You've got an hour, then I expect you to be back. No excuses." she snapped at me, and pointed to the door with a bony finger. 

I took the elevator down and walked over to the front desk, finding Harry waiting for me. 

"You brought me flowers?" I cocked my head at him, and he is stood with a bouquet of Lilly's. I reach him, and he leans forward, as if out of old habit, to kiss me. Instead I offer him my cheek. 

"In all the years i've known you, you've never brought me flowers." I smiled pleasantly taking them from him. 

"I guess some things do change." he smirked at me, and offered me his arm. 

We got outside, and the scene was entirely different from this morning. Now it was blue skies, and the birds were signing. 

"Where do you want to eat?" he asked me softly, and I feel my arm clenched to his, and he is looking down at me, and for a moment. I am eighteen, and I love him. 

"Evelyn?" he asked me, and I sighed again. 

Hearing my old name, hearing a life that wasn't mine anymore. It brought back memories of good and bad, all of which hurt because it was as if they were no longer mine. 

"Can you call me Ade?" I asked him a small frown, "But that's not your name?" he cocked his head at me, and stopped standing before me. 

"It's just a little much hearing my old name, seeing you. It almost makes me miss it." I rolled my eyes at myself and try to laugh, but he catches onto it, and raises a hand to my cheek, rubbing his thumb over my cheek bone.

"I never told you how sorry I was." he looked deeply into my eyes, as if he was searching for some sign of forgiveness. "It's the first thing I should have done yesterday." he sighed softly, and I smile up at him. 

"I don't hold grudges. But, it doesn't mean you're forgiven. This is only lunch." I tell us both, "This is just two old friends," I pause again, as Harry is staring at my lips, "Who've got a lot of catching up to do." and he doesn't say anything, but neither does the distance between us.

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