"You don't just get to come back here and pretend things haven't change." I yelled at him outside my apartment, "Things haven't changed! I still love you." he grabs me by the shoulders and shakes me gently, then clutches my face.
There is a moment of silence.
"Eight years and you still drive me fucking crazy." he smiled softly at me, and the rain is heavy, in the cliche way. Harry leans in closer to me, moving wet strands of hair from my face, and as our lips are inches apart I hear a voice.
"What the fuck is going on?" and Roman is staring right at us.


3. Part Three

I told Lydia that I wasn't coming back today. After all my hard work, I was taking a half-day. I even rang her boss to authorise it, which meant she couldn't say no.

I walked back over the table where Harry was sat waiting for me, looking at me with those green eyes and furrowed brows. 

"Anything important?" he asked me offering me a warm smile, and I shook my head. "Actually my whole afternoon just became free." I stuff my phone into my bag and offer him the same smile he gave me.

"So, what's the real reason you're back?" I asked him, and he shrugged softly. "I don't know. I wanted to see you, pick up where I left off. I was hoping things would be exactly the same." he told me, and I nodded. 

"A lot has changed, hasn't it?" I breathed slowly, not wanting to seem too eager to be in his company again. "You're still the same." he reaches across the table for my hand, and I smile softly feeling his soft fingertips touch familiar flesh. 

"What do you think of Roman?" I asked him removing my hand, feeling a smack of coldness. "I think we shouldn't talk about him." he looks down at his plate of food. 

"Please, Harry. Don't try and ruin it." I begged him, and he shrugged softly. "You'll realize soon enough." he offered me a half-hearted smile and a shoulder shrug. "Realise what?" I asked him, and he smirked now. 

"That you are still helplessly in love with me. You see? Roman won't break your heart the same way I do, and that's why you're absolutely terrified that I'm here. Because you loved it when I broke your heart. Evely- Ade, you know I can make you happy. And being happy with me, and not Roman, that's terrifying too."

"When did you get so poetic?" I smirked at him, "I've still got your book of poems, I've read it all. More times than I'd care to admit." he chuckled to himself. 

"You still have that old thing?" I cocked my head, and heat rose upon my cheeks. "It's on my shelve. You should come over, see my new apartment. It's simple and understated." he told me, "You've got your own place?" I ask and he nods quickly. 

"I'm not a fool, you know?" I laughed, and he looked puzzled. "I know if I come back to your apartment, you'll try and seduce me. Tell me things are different now. Convince me that you are a good idea. And, I'll be a fool. Because, you'll look at me exactly how you are now, but you'll be against my chest, and you'll actually make me believe everything you say." I explained, and he nodded slowly. 

"You're right. I mean, if you haven't changed that much, then that spot on the nape of your neck, or the one directly below your jaw on your neck, touching your collarbone, I can just kiss and you'll fall for me again." he laughed with me. 

"I won't fall twice. I learned my lesson the first time." I smiled at him, and he sighed but kept up his front. 

We walked after lunch. I linked arms with him, I refused to hold his hand because that would be too intimate, and the reminder of bare flesh on flesh was enough. 

"This place hasn't changed either." he told me, and I laughed, "About three years ago this place got a renovation.".

"Well, it doesn't look like it." he laughed back with me. "Are you free tonight?" Harry continued. 

"I promised Roman I'd be home by six." I loosen my grip on him slightly, "I'm having a party. Some of the old group will be there, I thought it might be nice to hang out." he shrugged. 

"That's a life I've left behind, Harry." I let go of his arm entirely, "I'll brief them on the whole Ade/Evelyn situation. You know you can trust them." he chuckled, and I bit down on my lip. I was so enticed by the promise of old friends and reconnections. 

"Will Luke be there?" I smiled up at him, doll-eyed. Harry rolled his eyes quickly, "Still have a little crush on him?" Harry laughed, and I blushed, "No. I'm loyal. I had every opportunity when I was with you and I still didn't take it." I nudged him gently. 

"Niall will be there too." Harry beamed and he went on to list the parties attendees.

"It would be nice to see them." I sighed, "And if I come, will you make sure no one calls me Evelyn? I don't want Roman to know. I'll tell him everything one day, but not now." I shook my head. 

"Who said he was even invited?" Harry chuckled, "You'll come?" he continued, and I nodded slowly. 

"No funny business. No talking about the good-old days. No talking about my old flames, or current ones. No talking to Roman about anything except sports, beer or the weather." I warned him firmly, I even moved in front of him. 

"What is it you're afraid of? What is it that you're so scared of? Do you think he'll leave you if he found out you were fun once?" Harry teased me. 

"I'm scared he won't like who I was." I looked away from him, "You mean who you are. You're still that same person. Putting on an office dress, and a pair of high heels every day doesn't make you a different person." he spoke to me. 

"Harry. Roman wouldn't like if he knew the things we used to do." I turned to him, and he laughed in a rude manner. "Harry!" I almost yell at him, "What! Look if he can't love you at your worst, he doesn't deserve to love you at your best." he told me, and I sighed. 

 "Evie - We used to have fun. So what? You went out and partied, you drank beer, and you slept with me every night. You cheated on me and I cheated on you. You slept with Luke to get back at me for sleeping with your friends. It's what we did. Baby, we caused forest fires, hurricanes, and every other 'natural' disaster to ever happen in this town. We got arrested for doing bad things on pretty nights, but fuck wasn't it fun?" he looked at me with such eager eyes, and made me remember all the good. 

"You make it sound like it was the best years of your life," I told him with a straight face, "But, it wasn't fun. It was dangerous, it was reckless and I'm the one who had to deal with the consequences. Not you." I shook my head softly. 

"You weren't a bad person, neither was I. We just did bad things." he reaches for my hand, and I move it away quickly. 

"Bad things, make great memories? Isn't that what you used to say?" I asked him softly, and he sighed deeply. 

"Look, I've never been one for telling you how to live your life. But, Roman doesn't look like he's got the cleanest past either. We've all got monsters, secrets, things that could ruin us. You should let him see you tonight for how you really are, and if he has any sense, he'll still love you half as much as I do." Harry touched my shoulders, and I wanted to do two things. 

I wanted to fall into myself. 

And, fall into him. 

"If you come tonight and be who you were when you were with me, then you'll know where he stands if he will love you regardless." Harry almost whispered, spitting the word Love.

I sighed softly and faced him, "I can't tell him yet. But, I'll come tonight, with Roman. I'll party like I used to, just to prove to you that he loves me." I snapped. 

"I have not doubt he loves you. Look at you in that dress. I only doubt that he loves you more than me." he shrugged, and it was almost like nothing had happened. Like the past five minutes of dialogue hadn't happened. 

"I need the address," I spoke softly, flustered and wanting to rip his clothes off because of that smug look on his face. 

"Be there at ten, and I'll drive you home." Harry spoke whilst writing on my arm in red ink the address, and I pulled it back and smirked to myself for letting myself get pulled in again. 

"Dinner and a party all in one day, what am thinking?" I turned to laugh with Harry. "I expect your ripped jeans and old band shirts to reappear. Maybe your fishnets and your crop tops. Not this. Or, those hideous blue jeans you had on last night. I want to see you." I smirked as he listed off my old fashion choices. 

"I did look good, didn't I?" I smirked at him nodded slowly as if he was stuck in a memory he could not get out of. 

"Amazing." he offered me his arm once more, and we walked through the cold park, with fond hearts filled with memories. 

I finally arrived home, and though Harry had offered to walk me to my door, I decided it would be best if he just dropped me off outside. 

"I don't want you causing trouble for me." I laughed, and for a split second, I leaned in expecting a kiss. I blushed heavily and offered him my cheek instead, though it wasn't what either of us wanted or expected, it filled a small whole. 

I watched him drive away and with a soft smile find my way up the stairs of our building, searing for 341 - lost in a happy-sad in between of Harry and Roman. 

I clicked the lock and smiled seeing Roman sprawled on the couch, in nothing but a pair of cotton shorts. 

"You look good considering it's eight o'clock, and you're two hours late home." Roman cocked his head and walked over to me pulling my coat off my shoulders. 

"I took a half day, actually." I walked past him throwing my bag down onto the side. "I told the big boss, that Lydia had me working all the time, and I needed an afternoon off." I faced him unclipping my earrings and placing them on the table. 

"Oh, where did you go then?" Roman walked over to me. I took in a sharp breath and forced a smile. 

"I went out for lunch. I bumped into Harry this morning, he wanted to catch up." I kick my heels off and leave them beside the table too. "Lunch lasted until eight?" he asked me, following me through to the bedroom. 

"No. We took a walk too. Then we went into a little bar on Red's Street, I had a couple of drinks, then we took a drive, and now I am here." I explained to him, and he came behind me and unzipped my dress for me. 

"Sounds like you had a lot of fun." Roman speaks through gritted teeth, "It was nice. Which reminds me, Harry has invited us to a party tonight, sort of a welcome back thing." I tell him, and he sits on the edge of the bed with his arms folded across his chest. 

"Do you want to go?" I further push it, hoping he'll say yes. "Do you really want to go?" he asked me in return, "It would be nice to see all my old friends, and it would mean a lot if you and Harry got on." I explained. 

"We got on last night." he shrugged, "I mean really get on." I lied, hoping that this was working. Because, the last thing I wanted was the two of them being close, but if he was going to do this, I needed him to believe that it was for an important reason, more than just a reunion. 

"Fine." he stood up, and sighed deeply. "If it means that much to you, we can go." he told me, and placed a kiss on my forehead. 

I beamed up at him, and thanked him dearly. 

But, I wasn't so sure that I should be thankful. 

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