Fallen Stars - Minecraft Fanfic

Steve and Alex had always been the best of friends until one day, Alex mysteriously disappears leaving Steve to search for her. The search leads him to a mysterious city in ruins and an even more peculiar girl by the name of Syfia who seems to be hiding something from Steve. What exactly is Syfia holding back from Steve? What brought the city of WellSprings to it's downfall? What ever became of Alex?


2. Searching

Steve opened his eyes to see the morning sun rise above the village outside of Alex's balcony. He was about to stretch when Steve noticed the cold handle of the sword laying against his lap and knew that his tears must've lulled him to sleep. And Steve also figured out why he was crying in the first place.
"Alex..." His heart felt broken and his eyes felt like spilling more tears. But now it was time to ask around about his friend.
Steve got up and clutched his diamond sword tightly to his chest as he opened the doors, walked downstairs, and let himself outside in the fresh morning air with the village buzzing to life. 
"Who should I ask first?" Steve asked himself as five villagers entered his mind. The village was very small of course, due to incidents involving skeletons, creepers, and zombies. Those incidents caused the remaining five villagers to question Steve of his loyalty towards the townsfolk. Even though Steve made the villagers an iron golem to protect them, sometimes it was too slow to take out the dangerous mob. Of course, Creepers would slip past the golem and explode when he reached Steve with his back turned.
An idea formed in Steve's mind. "I'll ask Bob the Blacksmith! He lives across from Alex's house!" Ever since Steve placed an oak door in the blacksmith's house, Bob had been more than happy to live there. And he had lived there ever since.
Steve walked across the gravel pavement and let himself into the blacksmith's house, but was surprised to find Claude the priest instead. 
"Claude? What are you doing here?" Steve asked bemused.
"Oh, Bob left earlier and I decided to watch over his workplace." Claude replies smiling. "What did you want? I'll tell him when he gets back."
"Thanks, Claude." Steve thanks before continuing, "I just wondering if you've seen Alex?"
"Alex? Who's he?" Claude questions, as he takes a seat on top of the chest.
"It's a she." Steve corrected. "She is my best friend and she mysteriously went missing last night! I mean, maybe you saw it when it happened!" 
Claude looks at him for a minute before replying. 
"Nah. I was at the other end in one of the vacant houses. You might want to check in with Phil and Todd, they usually know lots about what goes on." He suggests.
Steve waved goodbye. "Thanks so much for your help!" He exits the house and took a left before heading down the road, where he saw Phil and Todd talking to each other near the village farm which had just harvested wheat in the farming plots. Phil notices Steve and nudges Todd before he stops in front of them. The farmers turned to face Steve.
"Excuse me, if I'm interrupting something, but have you seen my friend Alex?" Steve asks.
"Why are you asking us?" Todd inquires curiously.
"Because Claude said you guys know a lot about what happens around the village. I thought maybe you guys saw what happened to her." Steve states with honesty.
"Hmm... I don't think I've seen her." Phil answers. 
"Me either. And don't trust anything that idiot says!" Todd shouts. Phil puts his arm around Todd's shoulder.
"Todd, get a grip. He's just asking where his friend went!" Phil says starting to get agitated.
"I don't care, that Claude is a liar and will just get Steve into more trouble than he needs." Todd led Claude away towards the outskirts of the village where the shouting just got louder. Steve forgot how cold of a man Todd was. He once asked where Ellis was and he just threw Steve out of the house he was staying in for the night.
Speaking of Ellis, Steve needed to talk to him. He sprinted down to a lonely small house located near the well. That well was so special...
Steve shrugged off any flashbacks of Alex and inched towards the door and peeked in the window of the door to see Ellis humming a little tune and reading a book Steve made especially for him. That Ellis loved to read.
"Hey, Ellis!" Ellis jumped and hurried over to the door to open it and let Steve into the small hut. Ellis out his book into the pocket of his robe before putting his hands in their sleeves to keep them clean.
"Steve? Why did you come over here this early?" His good friend questioned.
"Well, you see, my best friend went missing overnight and I'm pretty worried about what happened to her!" Ellis looked worried.
"You mean that girl you saved at the well?" Steve nods.
"Gosh, I wish I could be more of help, but I haven't seen her because I was too busy being a coward over zombies last night!" 
"It's ok. I'll check in with Bob the blacksmith. He's known to solve you guys with lots of problems!" Ellis' worried expression grew back into a smile.
"Yeah, you go Steve, if I find out something I'll be sure to let you know." Steve waved before leaving and heading back up the hill to find himself right in front of Alex's house where he started.
"Now where is that silly blacksmith?" Steve turned to the east to see a certain black aproned villager standing outside the church.
"Bob!" Bob turned and waved.
"Greetings, Steve, what brings you to my presence?" The blacksmith asked.
"Oh. I just wondered if you had any idea about what happened to my friend." Steve felt like his hopes were going to be destroyed since every single villager had said no. But maybe Bob did have an answer. He was the smartest villager he knew.
"Well, I do have several theories that could help with your solution." Bob cleared his throat. He must have practiced this similar statement whenever someone asked him for help about a problem they had. "One, they could be kidnapped. Search around the village. Two, they could have ran away. Examine the nearby areas. Three, they could have been killed and the killer hid their body somewhere. Dig underground and search houses." 
Steve shivered at the thought of Alex being killed. But who would kill Alex?
"Thanks so much for your help, Bob. I think she's been kidnapped so I'll just search the area." 
"You're welcome, Steve." The wise villager replies as Steve leaves the hut.

"That was scary..." Steve says to himself as he checks the houses and even digs a bit in each one. None of them revealed some sort of spooky staircase of any kind or a trap door.
But Steve was not going to give up. He was going to do whatever it takes to retrieve his best friend. Steve exited Todd's house and headed to his own mansion. Good thing Todd wasn't there or else Steve would get the yelling of a lifetime.
He heard the familiar neigh of his pet horse, Chocolate. Why he called it chocolate was because it had a mostly brown body and a black mane and tail to go with it. It somehow caused Steve to think of chocolate.
"Hey, Chocolate!" Chocolate neighed sweetly as Steve petted the horse. Steve then allowed him to position himself onto the horse's saddle and took the reigns in his hands he then booted Chocolate in the ribs, causing her to jump over the fence, much to the two Sheep's confusion. 
Steve sat on the saddle trying not to fall since he rarely rode his horse. He simply preferred walking unless it was a long journey. 
"Okay Chocolate, let's head for that forest over there!" Steve says pointing to the forest down the hilly village. Steve decided to check the forest mainly because Alex would go there for resources. Maybe while mining, some zombies got to her.
He hoped that wasn't Alex's dreadful fate.


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