Fallen Stars - Minecraft Fanfic

Steve and Alex had always been the best of friends until one day, Alex mysteriously disappears leaving Steve to search for her. The search leads him to a mysterious city in ruins and an even more peculiar girl by the name of Syfia who seems to be hiding something from Steve. What exactly is Syfia holding back from Steve? What brought the city of WellSprings to it's downfall? What ever became of Alex?


1. Just an Ordinary Day

It always seemed like a happy day in the village. At least it seemed like that to Steve and his best friend, Alex.
 Everyday, it seemed absolutely perfect, like nothing bad would ever happen.
 But one day, all of that changed.

Steve walked out of his house, stretching and yawning as the day was just starting.  Ah, the day looked to be beautiful like always. The sheep in the fence near his house happily eating the fine grass, the wondrous sights of the village, and the bountiful blue sky complimenting the scenery even more. Steve just couldn't wait to get this day started.
He walked down the village streets of gravel cheerful as could be. The villagers greeted Steve with warm smiles like always as they came out of their houses to get started with their days. Steve sat on the village well, wondering what to do today. Mining? He'd have nothing to mine today. Harvest crops? The farmers wouldn't have anything to do. 
  Steve's mind was blank. If only there was something he could do today...
His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a familiar friend humming a joyful tune. He turned to see Alex holding a bucket to her chest, unaware of his presence.
  Alex and Steve had always been the best of friends since they met. Steve had met Alex one day when a villager he called Ellis told him that a strange girl had wondered into the village asking for some food. He rushed out in the night with some beef to offer. There the girl laid by the well, her orange hair all unravelled from the ponytail keeping the hair from free flowing, her light green shirt covered in dirt and blood, her pants also seemed to be dirty and her black boots seemed to fall apart any minute. Steve couldn't see her face well due to how dark it was outside, but he could tell she was in bad condition. 
  "Ellis, help me get her up." The librarian villager nodded and helped the weak girl's arm around his shoulder and Steve doing the same to her other shoulder. The two managed to get the girl moving into Steve's small cabin. The girl was breathing heavily as she struggled to get her feet moving the last few steps. She lost balance and fell to the cold cobblestone floor. Steve quickly hurried to her side as he motioned the villager to stay put.
 "You okay, miss?" Steve wiped her hair back from her face to reveal green eyes like those of reminiscent of the villagers, the thinnest pink lips he'd ever seen, and a huge gash on her cheek. 
 "N-no.." She spoke while still breathing heavily. Her voice was feminine with a feeling of tomboy mixed in with it. Steve was absolutely panicking right now. He quickly handed the beef to her and ran to his chest besides his bed. Hopefully, there was at least a potion of regeneration somewhere in it.
 Steve dug around the chest and was lucky to pull out a potion of regeneration he brewed earlier incase he got heavily injured defending the village from any mobs that decided to wreak havoc onto the villagers. The pink liquid in the glass bottle gleamed as it was exposed to the torchlight that illuminated inside the cozy cabin after being in a dark chest this long.
 "Here you go," Steve smiled as he handed the bottle to the girl. She looked at the potion with a face of curiosity. "It's alright, it'll heal all your wounds up in a jiffy." The girl smiles as she pops the bottle open and downs it all in one gulp. The grin grows wider as the gash on the cheek seemed to dissolve into nothingness. Steve takes a seat besides the girl who now devours the beef Steve had given to her.
 "So, I take that you never brewed any potions before?" He casually says as she takes a bite of her delectable beef. 
 "No, I never even heard of potions." She says while chewing.
 "I don't think I've ever seen you around here. What's your name?" The girl puts down the beef in her dirt covered lap.  
 "My name is Alexandria, but you may call me Alex for short." She holds out her hand to shake. Steve hesitates but then shakes her hand.
 "My name is Steve." Alex smiles as they let go of each other's hands. 
 "You're a miracle worker, Steve!" Ellis exclaimed, feeling overjoyed.  They all shared a gleeful laugh, when suddenly a huge bang sounded nearby.
 "What was that?!?" Alex cries out, shaking in fear. Steve pulls out his diamond sword.
 "The zombies are attacking the village!" He turns to leave but then turns to Ellis.
 "Ellis, watch over Alex and make sure nothing comes through this door except a villager or me!" Alex stands up withdrawing her iron sword.
 "But I want to fight with you!" She says. 
 "No, you just came here almost dead! You better rest. You can sleep in my bed tonight." Alex looked dejected.  
 "But, Steve-" the door slammed as Alex went into bed. Better to rest than to have none at all.
 It was a weird start, but they quickly got the ball rolling as Steve taught Alex about many things including how to brew potions. Alex even taught Steve about her secrets of mining emeralds whenever they went cavediving together. Months had passed since they'd met and they soon learned lots about each other. Steve even started growing very fond towards her but did his best to hide this crush on her. What if Alex didn't like Steve that way? 
 Even when he tried getting rid of his crush on Alex, it just grew stronger instead. 
 Steve decided to follow his heart but still hide it along with his insecurities. Hopefully, she'd never know.
"Hey, Alex!" Steve greeted smirking. Alex jumped and dropped her bucket on the ground.
"Steve!" She laughed along with him as she picked the iron rusty bucket back up. "Quit scaring me like that!"
"Well, I'm bored." Alex sat besides him on the aged cobblestone well.
"Wanna go hunting with me, then? There seems to be lots of sheep moving in our area." Steve squinted behind the church where some white wool could be seen between the cracks of the buildings. 
"But weren't you going to do something with water?" Alex shoots him a confused look and Steve points at her bucket. She realizes what she was doing earlier before getting surprised by Steve.
"Oh, I was just going to get milk from some cows I have in my yard. But I guess that can wait later. I wouldn't miss this opportunity to get some food."  Steve got out his sword and Alex put down the bucket and got out her diamond sword as well. Steve had made it for her as a gift of their loyal friendship.
"Then let's get some sheep!" Steve says cooly as the two head for wildlife to hunt in the grassland.

It was evening that they soon returned with about fifty pieces of raw mutton for each of them to last for a long while.
 Steve blushed as he looked at Alex in the sunset they were walking under. The way it made her hair glisten and gleam, the way it made her pale skin look a light shade of pink, the way...
 "Steve? You alright? Is there something wrong with my face? Did I get any dirt on me?" Alex caught his attention as she worriedly thought that Steve was looking at her because something alerted him.
"No. You're perfect just the way you are." Steve blushed at his sudden attempt at flirting as Alex giggled. She didn't seem to think he was flirting though.
"Thanks, Steve, you're perfect as well." Steve blushed harder but Alex didn't seem to pay attention as they neared the village. They both stopped at the well. Alex yawned and stretched.
 "Steve, it's been a great day together, but I better get some rest for tomorrow. I won't be able to fight with you today." Alex hugs Steve tightly. Steve could feel his heartbeat racing and sweat beginning to form. The feeling felt great and he wished he could stay this way forever. She pulled away and walked to her house as Steve sighed sadly.
He wished the day lasted longer.

The skeleton fell and turned to dust as the arrow hit it's skull. Steve turned to the iron golem that had been struck. Steve threw a splash potion at it, even though it was the last one he had brewed up. It still felt good to Steve to do good to others besides himself. He could tell the iron golem probably wanted to say thanks for his help.
 A loud bang sounded and Steve turned to follow it to see which house was being attacked. It was probably The big house that the villagers loved to gather in since it was located at the north side of the village, where the noise was coming from. Steve sprinted over there for what zombies awaited for him to conquer. 
 He made his way to the location of the sound where zombies clustered in front of Alex's door. Steve decided that maybe a villager decided to spend the night there, as Alex had no problems with sharing her house with villagers. Steve also let villagers in his house but also wanted his homestead to be private.
 "Get away, you dumb zombies!" He shouts as he fires arrows at the zombie mainly blocking the door. The arrow hit it's head and it turned to attack him with its outstretched arms. Steve finished it with his sword quickly and collected the raw meat it dropped. Hopefully, none of these zombies were villagers. Steve liked the villagers very much and would never kill or attack one including those in zombie form. The villagers love having new friends to socialize.
 The two other zombies groaned and moaned as they tried to get in the house. The zombie on the right pushed over and began breaking the door down. 
 "Oh no, you won't!" With three licks of his sword to each, the zombies dropped to the ground and Steve collected more raw meat from the now dead mobs. Steve now would have left to tend to the other villagers, but he decided to check on Alex to see if she was okay. 
 "Alex?" Steve called throughout the well lit establishment. He walked across the wooden planks to the kitchen behind the staircase that lead to Alex's room. No Alex was there. He came to her storage room left of the kitchen, but she wasn't there.
 "Alex, this isn't funny!" He ran to her room and looked to the bed located by her bookcase. Alex wasn't sleeping. 
 Steve's heart pounded and ached, desperate for his best friend to be near him. He clutched his heart as tears started to form. The aching of his heart made Steve slump down onto the floor between the bed and the bookcase. Did Alex get infected after all? Did she go out alone? He began to cry just thinking about it and he lay down weeping.
  What happened to Alex?

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