Fallen Stars - Minecraft Fanfic

Steve and Alex had always been the best of friends until one day, Alex mysteriously disappears leaving Steve to search for her. The search leads him to a mysterious city in ruins and an even more peculiar girl by the name of Syfia who seems to be hiding something from Steve. What exactly is Syfia holding back from Steve? What brought the city of WellSprings to it's downfall? What ever became of Alex?


3. Into The Forest

It didn't seem to take long for Chocolate to reach the forest. It seemed like only five seconds passed, but Steve was proud he had a horse faster than average.
Once they arrived at the destination, or at least Steve thought, he took the lead from his pocket and tied it around Chocolate's neck. He gets off the horse's back and goes over to a tree to tie the horse securely around it's trunk of oak. 
Steve took a moment or two to take in the overall look of the forest itself. It was made of oak trees with sun shining in through the oak trees. There was sometimes flowers and mushrooms, but Steve knew finding his best friend was more important to him at this moment.
"Alright, Chocolate.." Steve spoke in a gentle voice, "I'll be back as soon as I can with Alex, if I can find her. You be a good horse, okay?" 
Chocolate neighed sweetly as he gets out his precious diamond sword. Steve cautiously wandered over to the cave and peered inside. Inside the cave was blanketed in complete darkness, although Steve could see some coal here and there among other ores and stone.
"Alright... Looks like I'll be needing torches for this." Steve digs around in his inventory until he felt something wooden and circular. He pulls it out and is delighted to see himself actually remember to keep a torch with him this time.
"Let's hope there aren't any mobs in this cave..." Steve carried the torch with him after lighting it and the torch shone light bright enough to make sense of his surroundings thanks to the fire.
"Alex? Are you in there?" Steve calls out as he looked down the only dark pathway. He wandered deeper into the cave and he began to ponder about what dangers Alex might've ran into.
"Alex!" Steve called out again as he climbed over some gravel. He immediately regretted his decision as he found a spider crawl down from the stone wall and began making its way towards him.
Steve puts his torch down and quickly withdrew his diamond sword to strike the spider fiercely. 
The spider hissed as it collapsed on the ground bleeding from the sword striking it's arachnid being.
Steve looks around carefully as he keeps looking around the seemingly endless labyrinth in the cave. He makes his way around a small body of water as he continues his search.
"Alex?" Steve held the torch towards any surface of the cave whilst hoping to catch some glimpse of her. He only walks down further as he calls for Alex. Steve presumed he was reaching somewhere, but only reached a dead end. No strange looking holes were formed in the immense dark room he was standing in.
But Steve didn't give up hope, as he pulled out his iron pickaxe and began to dig in various spots around the cave. Even around four feet of tiresome digging, it led to no other cave systems in the surrounding area.
"Well, I guess Alex isn't here..." Steve sighed as he wiped his forehead which was having some sweat start to form. He puts his pickaxe away and picks up his torch to light his way out of the cave.
As he was making his way outside, Steve thought he made a pretty good decision on leaving the cave. His choice did begin to remind him of a time when Steve got lost once when he and Alex went mining together. They had found lots of gold and a couple of diamonds after exploring in a faraway cave. Steve thought it would be a delightful idea to search both ends of two different pathways they came across. Alex was happy about it and the friends set off to mining. The problem was, it turned out Steve's end out his path was longer and led to many other pathways instead. He had forgotten to bring plenty of torches to light his way back, not to mention, Steve had gone so deep into the cave that he couldn't see the few torches he had placed on the walls. So, he was stuck trying to find the way out by getting even more puzzled as to whether each passage led him further towards the beginning of his path. Luckily, Alex found him when all hope seemed to have been lost. They made it home safely and had a meal of fish, melon, and bread. Steve vowed that evening to never make the same mishap in their upcoming mining adventures.

Steve bit into a slice of melon. "I promise, Alex, from this day forward, I will never become lost in any other cave like the one we decided to explore today!" He formally declared.
Alex giggled amusingly. "Oh, Steve!"

Steve snapped out of his memory as he could see the moonlight pouring in from the moon outside. The moonlight sure seems bright tonight, he noted. It all seems peaceful and tranquil from no mobs Steve could see being anywhere near or in the forest. The cool air and calming atmosphere brought Steve some happiness. All of that searching in the cave rewarded Steve of how nice midnight was without any mobs around harming the village. But did this all seem like a facade of some sort?
As if it was too good to be true, an arrow whizzed by and struck the same oak that Chocolate happened to be tied onto. Chocolate neighed in distress as it began to tremble from fear of possibly dying. Steve looked to the left and saw a Skeleton walking towards them from the depths of the forest.
"It'll be okay, Chocolate!" Steve tried to reassure as he pulls out his bow. As he tried finding a place to shoot safely, three other skeletons emerged from behind trees with bows ready to fire.
Steve looked to his scared horse. "Chocolate, it turns out this forest isn't as peaceful as it seems!"
He got his bow ready and aimed carefully.

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