Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


30. When Your Tab Is Actually Popular On Movellas

How did this story get so popular? It's honestly the worst story on this site :P


Sans, Metatton, and Papyrus walked through the department store which was currently being redecorated with the gaudiest colors you could imagine along with Metatton's newest single blaring at top volume in the store 24/7. Metatton spots one of the workers and throws a brick signed by himself at him and he falls off of the ladder.

"What was that for??" Papyrus questions.

"I was giving him pay, darling- oh, nice work there, Jefro!" Mets throws a bag of doritos at an exhausted guy wheeling in a gigantic pink bouncy castle in hopes of attracting a wider audience.

"isn't this illegal?" Sans questions after seeing plently examples of bad management like all the employees having tap water as refreshments and the AC turned on the lowest setting so Metatton didn't have to spend too much of his wealth, despite the fact that HE JUST BOUGHT A POPULAR RETAILER THAT WOULD COST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WTF.

"If it was illegal, I wouldn't have bought the store in the first place!" Metatton laughed as Sans cringed knowing he would have to work under these grueling conditions. But at least, it would make for TONS of wacky shenanigans :D!

"Now get the hell into my office." Metatton shoves in Sans and kicks Papyrus out.

"Y?" Paps assks.

"Because this is a private business meeting. But here's a squeaky toy tho." He hands Papyrus a MTT branded dog toy that was also from a recent product line of his.

"YaY!" Papyrus walks away happily while making obnoxious squeaky noises. An employee could be heard falling off of their ladder, before Metatton shut the door. He then goes over to his desk to pull out a thick ass brown file that looked important.

"Now, lets get down to serious business." Sans sat in a microscopic neon green floatie on the floor since no other chairs were there, and then things got REAlly serious.


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