Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


26. Waste of Tab

Why is this even here?


Sans and Papyrus laid on the couch drinking 7-UP while watching reruns of MTV shows with 5'o clock shadows on their faces, despite it only being a day since Chapter 25. At least the good news was that Sans earned half a cent due to fanfiction revenue.

 Suzy whined for attention in Sans lap and he responded by throwing his pet rock harshly at the tv. The tv screen stopped working immediately after that throw, but Sans and Papyrus weren't moved or shocked in the slightest.

"zzzzzzzzzz." Sans started falling asleep because he was Sans. Papyrus only stared up at the ceiling blankly. Just as stuff was getting interestingly tense, Undyne crashed in through the roof!

"what the hell." Sans got up and looked at Undyne angrily. "why didn't you just use the front door?"

"Because I'm Undyne, ya shit." She holds up a newpaper titled New York Tiems and Sans saw something important!

"damn. gas prices on the surface is two cents more expensive than the underground's."

Undyne slapped Sans harshly before pointing to the headline which read Downtown Wrestling Match Ended In Disappointment.

"oh. pft, as if the author dewey cheatum has actually seen us kick the gooker's ass."

Undyne shrugged. "At least we got on front page."

Papyrus then woke up. "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL- oh hi, Sans."

Sans waved back at him, and then Papyrus remembered what this fanfiction was about. 

"SANS! We need to get you some damn money." Papyrus yelled complete with plenty of overgesturing.

"for what."


Undyne gave up on these fuckers for the day and left cooly by exiting out of the roof she came from. But the roof was going to be okay due to Undertab's universe being negative continuity ( for the most part at least ).

"the only thing i can think of is for me to work a shift with burgerpants."

Papyrus almost considered it for a second. "YEA- no."

Sans sat back on the couch. "well, i can't think of anything."

Papyrus threw Sans off the couch. "Get your ass up, brother, because we are going to the damn pawn shop!"

Sans looked at the audience for sympathy, but got none.

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