Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


8. The Taboji Movie

Coming Never.


It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, flowers were blooming, on days like these- oh.

Sans woke up with ketchup smeared all over his pillow. He pondered why that as he got himself a breakfast of Fruit Loops and a drink. What is the drank? I dunno, just make it whatever.

"Sup, Sans!" Papyrus was going through the fridge getting breakfast too.

"mmm i'm bored fam." Sans slammed his skull into his cereal bowl with FL and ( Reader's chosen drink ). Papyrus shuts the fridge.

"What is bored?" The audience laughed as the credits rolled on a darkened still of Papyrus' overly zoomed in face. The Seinfield theme began playing.



Sans - Penguinz0

Papyrus - Skeletor

Frisk - Gender Neutral Chibi Thing

Everybody Else - Everybody Else


Set Design - Michael Bay

Sound - M Night Shyamalan

Sound FX - Pyrocynical

Make-Up Artist - Adam Sandler

Dead Meme - One Direction



"what a shitty gag." Sans continued eating like nothing happened.

"Well, Sans, we gotta find you a job to help pay off yer tab!" Papyrus says as they both began to realize the last gag was just for filler.

"nah man."

"Money isn't going to fall out of the sky, Sans!" Paps reasoned as Sans shot him a smug ass look before pulling out a computer keyboard. He then began typing Motherlode on it an got 50,000 worth of G. 

Papyrus done a face similar to the Sad Ben Afleck meme as the keyboard mysteriously vanishes....

Sans then goes over to his pet rock and sprinkles Lucky Charms in front of it. "heres your daily rations."

"Sans, this is SERIOUS!" Papyrus yells. "If you don't pay your tab, You'll never get to go back to Grillby's!"

Sans faces Papyrus in an overly dramatic way. "i'll show you."



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