Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


37. The Most Depressing Tab In The Whole Story

Time to grab ur 50 cent tissues.


Sans groans as he walks into Dillards, and so did I since typing on a Chromebook is p complicated. Metatton hands him a costume.

"Here you go, Sans. I made this specially for you. Put it on since it's your new job and everything." Sans goes into a dressing room, as he knew that Metatton didn't do any real work for shit. Anyway, he gets it on and stares at himself in the mirror. What Sans was wearing was a neon pink Metatton costume that he could barely see or breathe out of.

Metatton pulls back the curtain. "Well done, darling! You're looking excellent!"

"not really." Sans muffled. He gets dragged out and is pushed outside with a sign made of cheap poster board.

"All you have to do is stand on this street corner and advertise our store. Any questions?" Metatton questioned.

"yea-" But as soon as soon as Sans started, Metatton dashed back inside Dillards. Sans hit the concrete face first.


-- Annoying Time Skip That Everyone Hates --

Sans woke up 2 hours later to see the Dillards in full swing. So was the 190 degree sun above him.

He got up and held the sign which read, "This way to the most fabulous store in the whole city!". This could've worked but since Sans was too damn short, all sorts of vehicles drove past him. He coughed up tons of exhaust as a delivery truck passed by him. Sans looked over as the truck parked in front of Dillards. Two guys got out of and started carrying tons of random shit that Sans couldn't name due to the costume blocking his precise vision.

Metatton skipped out of the store happily and hugged each deliverer while saying something Sans couldn't make out.

"damn it." Sans began to sweat 10 as the sun got hotter by the second. Wait, how is he sweating-

Just then, three gangsta lookin' bystanders came over and took a long look at Sans pathetically standing there.

"Ey, why don't we throw stuff at dis gui?" One of the guys said, sounding like that one fish off of Spongebob. The bros agreed as they began throwing random trash at Sans, who didn't move in the slightest. Sans took it like a true man, as they all left soon after giggling like complete assholes.

Repeat incidents happened, with kids physically assaulting Sans to high school/college students doing unspeakable things to Sans while he stood there holding up his sign. After 5 hours of this, Sans understandably got fed up and went indoors where a crowd encircled Papyrus, who was having some sort of comedic routine with Mr. Squeakers while Metatton watched in the far corner of the room, smiling.

Sans overheard members of the crowd saying all sorts of things to Papyrus.

"What a jolly good show!"

"Come over here, lil fella, lemme give ya and yer friend a hundred bucks!"

"10/10 - IGN."

Sans could feel extreme jealousy coming on as he marched over to Metatton while also feeling degraded.

"Metatton." Sans uppercased angrily. Metatton took notice and gasped with plenty of fake sympathy.

"Oh, Sans! I didn't know you were here! What happened to your costume?"

Sans only kept a furious expression as Metatton observed the putrid state the costume was in.

"Now, I'm going to have to buy another costume for 56,000,000,890 dollars exact!" Metatton says. Sans tore off the costume just then.

"screw your finances! i demand a better job!" Sans yells.

"Alright Sans, you can be an employee. I'll just put Napstablook in your place." Sans widened his eyes.

"napstablook works here?" He asked.

"Yes." Metatton gestures over to another lonely corner in the room where a depressed ghost sat listening to vaporwave Deadmau5 songs. "But don't worry, Napstablook has had this job since joining :)"

Sans felt extreme pity for a moment before accepting the job and going over to a disorganized shelf to restock it with shitty excuses for fashion. But with each sentence Mr. Squeakers "spoke", the more angrier and disheartened Sans grew.

"Now, everyone give a BIG round of applause for The Great Professor Papyrus and his new bestie, Mr. Squeakers!" Papyrus began bowing as the crowd cheered tons of money was thrown at him and his toy.

Sans sadly watches as Paps seemed to be having the time of his life. He then made Mr. Squeakers say something else.

"I love you, Papyrus!" 

Papyrus hugs the toy tightly to his chest. "I love you too, Mr. Squeakers! More than I'll ever love Sans!"

After hearing that sentence, Sans threw down the clothing rack and stormed out angrily. On the way out, He accidentally bumped into Alphys, who had brought back some overly expensive drinks from Starbucks for Metatton. She notices how angery Sans looked and was extremely concerned.

"Sans, are you okay?" Sans didn't respond and only walked off out of Dillards without turning back. Alphys sat the drinks down on a nearby table before deciding to go after him.


A/N: Was that too deprezzin, guis?



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