Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


25. The Best Tab Ever

"And we danced all night to the best tab ever..."


"PAPYRUS!" Undyne, Frisk, and Sans call out getting anime tears in their eyes.

Papyrus stood above the arena on top of the egg dressed in all black complete with a cape that could flow freely without wind. Paps also wore his PL top hat to go along with the rest of it. He did a cool laugh as he gaster blasted the Gooker off of the referee and jumped down. 

"NEVER FEAR, HUMANS, FOR PROFESSOR PAPYRUS WILL SAVE YOU ALL!" Papyrus said despite being too dense as shit to realize they all stopped dancing against their will. 

Everyone looks up to see Paps posing heroically only to then gasp. Like any action movie hero, he doesn't turn around and was confused at this action. Sans facepalmed before shouting;

"behind u bro." 

Papyrus turns around, only to start getting Gooked by the Gooker as a triumphant reprise of Turkey in The Straw played.

The audience flees because they weren't important to the story, as our other main bros ran onto the arena.

"Time to end this!" Undyne got spears ready to aim, only for the Gooker to shove Paps onto the ground and stood up to laugh.

"Why don't you try and take on THIS?" The Gooker says in a high pitched voice before doing a mating dance which summoned the other wrestlers which were to fight this match.

"what the fucking." Sans gets clobbered by an overweight macho wrestler who then does a godzilla roar in celebration of his none victory.

Frisk gets out their most masjestic weapon of all time; a stick! They began whacking people with it like it was a wok except it was ineffective.

Papyrus street-fighted with The Gooker complete with the memes. Undyne actually did anything effective while Sans... watched reruns of Will and Grace on a barrel.

"Sans, get your ass over here and actually help us!" Undyne yells as she stabs a wrestler through the heart as he was to blame for giving love a bad name.

Sans sighed as he gets off of the barrel and lethargically as he impales a plant-based wrestler on a set of bones.

"You can't stop me, fool!" an extremely macho wrestler that Sans recognized as Sandy Ravage front flipped in front of him and kicks him in the face with her expensive Gucchi shoes. He was a tough skellie, so he didn't fall down at all and blasted her ass to space. Another wrestler seizes him from behind!

Lark Halaway preformed a Crossbody onto Sans, as Undyne sees this and sends a spear straight through Lark's head. Sans got up.

"how many wrestlers are there?" Sans asks as he sees Frisk get pummeled by a microscopic sized wrestler. 

Sans saw a self righteous kid that was trying to pass off as a badass wrestler, so he took this as a chance to gain XP.

Papyrus, meanwhile was attacking The Gooker in various ways such as throwing puzzles at him and doing bone attacks, which were all too meager to affect the masochist himself. The Gobbledy Gooker smiled a shit-eating grin as he did a double clap, which made Papyrus start dancing to a trap remix of The Gooker's theme.

"DAMN IT!" He yells to announce his pitiful defeat ( for now ) while shaking his groove thing.

Undyne hears this and looks over after commiting her 45th kill that day. 

"I'm coming to defend you, Papyrus!" She charges towards the ring where the Gooker danced to his own song like a narcissist. Undyne jumps over the rope and knocks The Gooker to the ground and straddles his chest before slapping the shit out him.

Frisk squishes the ant sized wrestler into the ground after losing to a wrestling match involving his thumbs and hurries over to where the real action was taking place.

The Gooker kick-flips Undyne off of him and stands up, rubbing his mask. "OH, My glorious face has been destroyed! No thanks to you bastards!" 

"oh boo hoo." Sans whines sarcastically. "now prepare to die, shithead." 

All four bros began charging up for their strongest attacks, when The Gooker makes an even more intense mating call... which summons up a helicopter which somehow breaks through the indestructible glass and a rope drops down.

"Seyanayah, douchepricks!" The Gobbledy Gooker shakes his not tail feathers at them as he and the unknown pilot take off into the unknown.

"Dammit, we almost defeated him!" Undyne says as they all turn away from looking at the broken ceiling.

"Papyrus, why did you think you could wrestle and get us into this mess?" Frisk questions.

"I wanted Sans to get money to pay for his tab and because some guys forced me to register!" Papyrus explained as nobody was moved.

"well we're just glad you're back, buddybro." Sans says which made Paps and Undyne smile. They all left the arena and decided to give up plans to work at the pawn shop and stay underground.... for whatever reason :/.


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