Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


22. Tabway

Tab Fresh


Sans and Frisk were finally kicked out of the Subway after lounging around for 3 hours. Frisk also kept refusing to put away their vape which only pissed off everybody in the restaurant.

"it's 5:00, so what now?" Sans asks as Frisk looks into the distance.

"We should go set up our stand and attract clientele." Frisk tells him with a bit of sas. They go to a random alleyway and Frisk sets up the "stand" with nearby trashcans and a dirty blanket. Frisk lays a variety of drugs on top of the trash can.

"Now, we just wait." Frisk smiles.

They waited for centuries ( thats what it seemed like to Sans at least ) until a customer showed up.

"Hey, man, how much for the crack?" The twitchy teen asks in a nasally voice while pointing to the cocaine.

"um... 45.68." Sans says exactly.

"At that price? Can't you make it lower?" 

Frisk steps in front of Sans. "Ignore this rookie. The actual price is 60.00." 

"Okay, sure, whatever man." He throws the money at Frisk before taking a bag of coke and leaving. Frisk looked satisfied at the recent sale.

Sans noticed a plot hole. "hey where did you get these other drugs?"

"They just appeared in my inventory. I don't fucking know."

Frisk and Sans have a montage of them selling drugs like hotcakes to Titular Tableau from the DKC2 soundtrack. They ended up sleeping on hundreds of dollars that day.



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