Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


36. Tab Wanted

Do you want to apply?

Sans woke up shortly after having a pillow thrown at his face. He saw Papyrus in front of him, and for a moment, he felt the events of yesterday were just a dream.

"Wake up, brother!" Papyrus then strolled away into the kitchen with Mr. Squeakers in his hands and Sans walks in shortly after. He had already seen the kitchen before, but since the readers didn't know what it looked like, Sans decided to describe it to the readers.

basically, it had top of the line technology with expensive shit. metatton even had self serving tables that were going to be on the market ten years from now. the kitchen even had robots that could serve robots. cool.

Sans stopped poorly describing things as he sat in his chair and ordered some shitty breakfast to suit his equally shitty mood on the holographic tablet. A plate of burnt toast popped up through the table and Sans stuck it in his mouth as his teeth cracked from how hard it was.


Papyrus was laughing and carrying on with Mr. Squeakers and even trying to feed him his Fruity Pebbles. 

"So, Sans," Metatton sat besides our lovable protagonist meme. "We'll be leaving to Dillard's in twenty minutes. Are you excited to work?"

"yeah." He replies, forgetting the harsh conditions he witnessed yesterday. Sans probs didn't even have a brain to remember anyway.

"Me and my friend are going to solve puzzles now!" Papyrus blurted before leaving the table and running down the hallway. Alphys silently ate her breakfast ramen. 

"uuuuuuuuuuh, im going to go get ready." Sans leaves to the computer he was at yesterday. He logs onto his EBay profile to see that nobody had placed any bids on his fidget spinners. Sans sighs but then came up with an idea: maybe he could answer fan mail for free moneys.

Sans googled for something like this, and a website named FanMoneys.com came up and set up his own profile so that way he could earn one dollar for each letter sent to him. It could get this fanfiction over thats for damn sure, Sans thought. He then typed out a cool bio to match his profile with 2000s clip art and jpegs:

hi internet, my name is sans. ask me anything because im broke and i need money ffs.

"Sans, it's time to go." Metatton says from down the hallway.

"but it hasn't even been twenty minutes." Sans says. 

"Well, I need to get going before my fabulous perm wears off and leaves me feeling even less fabulous." Metatton stands in the doorway to reveal his expensive haircut he got just then.

"if you say so." Sans then goes to his first day of work in his whole life.


You heard it from Sans, if you want to give Sans 1.00 towards paying his tab, ask him a question down in the comments. You don't have to though since it's just an optional side quest. 



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