Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


9. Tab Plus

"You have taken a good tab of me.."


Grillby was up to his usual thing of cleaning glasses, that and it had been so long since he had any screentime.

A small skeleton with an obviously fake mustache steps in and sits at the bar where one of Grillby's favorite customers used to be regularly.

"sup grillbz. i'll take fries." The skeleton requested with a Critikal sounding voice.

"Sure." Grillby spends ten hours making the fries like usual I guess. "There you go. Anything else?"

"how about some ketchup condiment?" Grillby handed over a ketchup bottle even though there was already one there?

"thx man." Not Sans kept eating while Grillby felt like something was terribly, horribly wrong! A smudge from a leftover glass wouldn't go away! ...That and this patron seemed off in a way. But how?

"yea. i'm done here." The skeleton might have belched maybe. "how much is it, grillbz?"

"5.89." He pulls out the money and gives it to Grillby.

"theres the thing." Comic SNES got up and was about to leave when suddenly, the mustache falls off due to the convenience of the plot :0!

"Omg." A regular says plainly to make the climax of the chapter more dramatic.

Sans found himself outside again.


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