Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


12. Tab Is Love, Tab Is Life.

>I was only nine years old
>I loved tabs and had all the merchandise and movies


The scene continued after the shitassed commercial break where Frisk and the other guys appearated.

Frisk's stomach growled all of a sudden, making Papyrus have an idea for some good filler.

"I have an idea, HUman!  I'll MAke SPAGHETTI!" He skips perfectionally into the kitchen as Frisk cries inside. They turn to Sans for help.

"Save me."

"no." Sans goes into the kitchen where Paps was dolled up in over-the-top chef attire including BUT not limited to: A frilly apron, Miley Cyrus Foam Finger mitts, a Cool Dude™ baseball cap, and fuzzy bunny slippers. Papyrus was undercooking a pot of spaghetti in the oven and he gets out a raw strand while it was still cooking to give to Sans.

"Oy bruder, how does this taste?" Sans licked the raw pahst.

"mediocre." Sans says. This made Papyrus cry 10 and ran into the pantry and shut the door.

It was too late.

Papyrus knew what he herd!1

He angrily cring as Sans banged on the door for no reason other to further enforce the shoutout this part is stolen  parodied from. HE TOOOOOK OUT A CIGARETE AND STARTED TO smoke Sans burst the door down. He had appearated.

"stop dis shit." Everything resumed normally as dey all bonded over burnt spaghetti and watching The Bee Movie.

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