Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


23. Rick and Tabty

Title should be obvious :/.....


It was yet another boring chapter that I was starting to lose readers, so we just cut to Frisk and Sans standing outside the WWW Arena at midnight.

"Now, we just sit here and wait for the damn event to start so we can save papyrus before he gets the shit kicked out of him." Frisk formulates.

"why dont i get to formulate?" Sans asks.

"Because you don't have a brain, dumbass." Frisk tells him literally.

"o." After tons of cheesy conversations about shit random topics, they fall asleep next to each other and only wake up when the crowds start gathering around outside.

"it must be time for the match." Sans gets up while yawning. Some people shove him and Frisk off to the side as they talk in front of the poster our heroes had slept under.

The doors open as people pile in quickly. When the coast was mostly clear, Sans and Frisk go in. Sans walks on but Frisk was stopped by the ticket booth.

"No freeloaders, buddy." Frisk sighs as they get out 90 dollars to pay for an attendance ticket before joining Sans in the front row. 

"hey, they're selling some refreshments here if you want some." Sans says holding up five hotdogs and was eating them all at once.

"Fine, I'm thirsty as hell anyways." Frisk gets up and leaves. Sans peacefully ate his hotdogs as somebody else sat next to him. 

"Sans? You're here too?" Sans turned and gasped. It was not Flowey because he was still chillin' in the underground.

"undyne?" Undyne nods as Sans spat out his hotdog. "what in hellterskelter are you doing here?"

"I heard Papyrus entered this match for whatever reason, so I came to the surface to possibly save him :/. What are you doing here?"

"i'm here to get my dumb tab paid off." Sans tells her.

"Cool." Undyne replies casually as Frisk returns and the wrestling event started.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! It is I, WalDio SanPerez, your host for this fine evening!" The charismatic guydude announces in a glittery tuxedo that set the mood perfectly for wrestling. 

The spotlight widens on the ring in its entirely so everyone could see the wrestlers at both ends.

"For our first match, we have Shulk Logan vs The Boulder!" The crowd cheered as the wrestlers did their introductory poses and so forth. 

"Aaaaaand, let the match begin!"

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