Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


16. Pay Tab



"We Like Tabs in the morning, We like Tabs everydaaaaay....."

Epic music which fit the tone like the attached "cheesy" song played as Cool Cat did shitty dance moves. Sans wasn't much better. Sans did an awkward shuffle thing the whole time. The cheering in the audience died down, presumably because their dance skills were too amazing for words.

 When the song ended, both were coated in sweat, even if cats and skeletons couldn't sweat. Nobody was even paying attention to them.

"Wasn't that great, Sans?" Cool Cat smiles happily before going back up in the cage to pelvic thrust sensually to Butterfly by Smile.Dk.

Customers began throwing 100$ bills at CC as Sans miserably went back to the bar where Frisk only grabbed his hand and ran out of the club.

"where the fuck are we running?" Sans yells as they only land themselves into a dark alley way. 

"Shut up, I'm getting some goods." Frisk then whistled really low. An overly tall guy steps out from behind a trash can, or was it just his shadow?

"What will it be today, Fisk?" the drug dealer came into the light of the unloaded street lamp. It was Jacob Sartorius!

"omfg;" Sans reacted with a semicolon. Jacob noticed this.

"Fick, who's the strange midget in the blue hoodie?" 

"Oh, thats just my shitty friend. Btw, my name is FRISK, dumbtits." Frisk gets out three 50$s. Jacob immediately grabs the money.

"Whatever. Heroin or Vape?"

"Gimme some vapes." the vapes were given as Jacob goes back into the garbage can to await his next customer.

Frisk began smoking the pineapple vape as Sans saw nothing wrong with a minor vaping.

"Where do you wanna go to now, Sans?" Frisk asks blowing smoke into the night.

"hmmmmm, what about that office depot over there?"

"Pft. Only people like you would go to Office Depot on a night of debauchery." Frisk continued smoking. "Why don't we go to a place only true peeps go?"

Sans shrugged. "sure fam."

Frisk stashed the vapes in his bag. "Come on, its not going to be night forever!" 

Sans powerwalked after Frick.

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