Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


11. Milhouse is Not a Tab

Is a tab, is not a tab, is a tab...

Sans klunked onto the floor as nothing happened. oh boy how exciting zzzzz.

"stop trying to be funny u fuker prep." Sans says to me. Suddenly, a totally normal sight of Papyrus holding an agitatedly tied up Frisk appeared in the door.

"SAns! I found my new apprentice!" Papyrus does his stupid grin that skeletons can apparently do.

"I'm no one's apprentice, fool." Frisk got thrown onto the apparently carpet floors like a soiled Lunchable as Papyrus got out an overly expensive cosplay of Luke Triton!

"how much did that even cost?" Sans asked cheapskatingly.

"5,600,700,890,674.56 G :D!" Papys states happily as he literally shoves the costume onto Frisk who wasn't strangely tied up anymore due to the ropes disappearing in a plothole.

Sans done an aside glance to the viewer like Max from Max and Ruby would but not really.

"where are you getting this money, u dumb cu-"

"SANS!1" Papyrus yelled ACROSS the ROom. "You can't say words like that with Frisk here, dumbass!"

Sans looks at the viewer again.

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