Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


34. I Met Him In DetenTab

So tell me what I got to do,
To get this tab's attention,
Now I'm in trouble,
From the tab message I sent him,
Only just one more tab, 
That I forgot to mention,
Where'd you meet him?
I met him in detentab​.

Snas and everyone were now chillaxing in one of the twenty other hot tubs Metatton owned. 

"So, what do you guys want to watch?" Metatton flicked through Netflix.

 "How about Mean Girls?" Alphys asked.

 "Alphys, we already watched that five times already." Metatton shoots her down. "And I thought you were paying my revenue taxes?"

Alphys groans and huffily gets out of the hot tub and into another room.

Papyrus looked to Mr. Squeakers. "Hmmm.... What do you think we should watch, Mr. Squeakers? Should we watch something like Twilight?"

He then pulls his toy out of the water and mimed it saying something back. "That'll be GREEEAT, Papyrus!"

Papyrus smiles back at Mr. Squeakers. "I'm so glad you think so, my best friend!"

They hug and Sans tried hiding his sadness, when he saw Metatton give up and chose 3 Tails, the best mermaid movie ever made (/sarcasm) and sat back in enjoyment.

 "i thought you were a robot?" Sans asked. "how is that water not making you malfunction?"

 "I am, you dumbwit. The story just assumes I'm waterproof, now stop getting water on my 500$ cyan towels!"

Metatton snaps. "They were imported straight from Bosnia."

Sans sat down more in the hot tub, where the water almost succumbed him. Papyrus completely ignored Sans as he and Mr. Squeakers were commenting on the movie in MST3K style.

 The movie quickly bored Sans to death, so he wandered around the bigass penthouse and saw a room made entirely of arcade machines that didn't need quarters to operate.

 "woah." Sans came closer to a claw machine that was filled to the brim with fidget spinners made out of pure diamond. It was so diamond that Sans imagined selling these on EBay and then handing over tons of cash over to Grillby and then everyone in the club got down and funky to Italo-Disco ( something like this p much https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B52dT6UEW8r4djhmem5abGRveFk ) as Sans danced with Grillby-

Sans' mind then quickly changed over to the machine because he was easily distracted n' shit.

 "now how the fuck do you play?" He barely moved the joystick as the game then booted up. Sans made the claaaaw go over to the mountainous stack of spinners and pressed the button to release it. It grabbed 6 spinners in one sitting and Sans gawked in awe as he actually won at an arcade machine for the first time.

 ":)" Sans :)'d, looking at his easy money. "now i just need to set up an account." 

Sans walked around some more until he found Metatton's personal Mac PC. He quickly got on and made an EBay account titled ImSansAndINeedMoneyPlsImBroke and his password was Password1 so that way he could easily remember it. He then registered the pure diamond fidgets on the thing and was about to log out when Metatton wheeled in.

 "What the hell are you doing, Sans?" Metatton grabbed Sans shoulder too tightly.

 "is there anything wrong with trying to pay a damn tab?" Sans showed his diamond fidget spinners. 

 "But you could have broken my 15,000 dollar Mac computer that was autographed by John Goodman!" Sans widened his eyes in weirdness.

 "I didn't know he was a fan?"

 "EVERYBODY is a fan of my music, darling!" Metatton smiles as Sans hopped out of the chair.

"Now, go to bed with Papyrus so that way you'll be up and ready to work at Dillard's!"

 "ok." Sans walks down the halls searching for his blood relative when he finally sees Papyrus under the covers and decided to get into the overly expensive bed. He was about to get some good Zzzs with how frigging comfortable everything was. Sans rolled over and heard a loud squeak which made Papyrus wake up.

 "gasp." Papyrus gasped, quickly reaching under Sans to pull out Mr. Squeakers.

"SANS! You crushed Mr. Squeakers!" Papyrus looked angery and everything.

 "im sleeping here tonight, you prick." Sans said in a sleep deprived manner. Papyrus kicks him off the bed and into a wall, which made a visible dent into the first class wallpaper.

 "Sans, me and Mr. Squeakers are already sleeping here!" Papyrus yells. 

 "but he's not even taking up any space!" Sans points out as Papyrus was already setting his toy underneath the covers.

 "Mr. Squeakers, can you believe what I'm hearing right now?" He asked as the looked under the covers at his special friend. "Piss off, Sans."

 "fine." Sans could only say as he turned and left out of the room to find a place to sleep.

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