Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


33. How To Tab Without Really Tabbing

... The complete 122 page instructional booklet complete with kit for 5.99!

Time was slow as Sans waited all day long inside Dillard's watching employees maim themselves. It could've made for a good YouTube video had Sans not been lazy or owned a high quality phone. To make matters worse, Papyrus kept playing with his stupid squeaky toy constantly.

"thats it." Sans threw the damned toy outside a nearby window which made Paps began to mourn over its lost.

"wwwwwwhhhhYYYYYY!" Papyrus sobbed as Metatton walked out of his office in his human-like form.

"Time to roll, darlings!" Metatton adjusts his bright pink Prada purse and began strutting over to the newly added elevator that was made from the purest gold. Papyrus and Sans got in the elevator and it started heading down.

"This place feels super rich." Papyrus commented.

"no shit fam." Sans sighed in fatigue. They started walking down the street when Alphys pulls up besides the storefront in the new vehicle covered in neon pink body paint with shit tons of glitter ( because of course ) and decals of Metatton all over it.

"Its amazing, Alphys!" Metatton gets really excited and even kisses his car. Alphys cringed at the moment and Sans pitied her for a moment there.

Papyrus was extremely sad until he noticed his MTT toy from earlier by a garbage can and happily picks it up.

"Mr. Squeakers, you're okay! :D" Papyrus got ten emotion as he and his new pal reunited.

"just get in the fuckign car." Sans misspelled because he can. 

"Okay, Fams." Papyrus sat in the backseat, still hugging Mr. Squeakers close to him.

"Now take us to my penthouse!" Metatton ordered Alphys (to-go).

The car began to cruise the streets, while turning heads and in turn causing more car crashes than the usual average for this unamed city. Then some weebs noticed and began to chase after them.

"Ugh, not again!" Alphys floors it and goes faster than the speed of light until they reached a visibly aged apartment building with a huge penthouse made of crystal and diamond stood above the city.

"Wowie, look at that, Mr. Squeakers!" Papyrus lifts the toy up high to where he believed the toy could see the building.

"hey what about me, bro?" Sans asked.

"Fuck off, Sans, you don't understand our friendship!" Papyrus says angrily before continuing to talk with his new best friend.

Sans felt forever alone and sad for once at his own brother ignoring him for a dog's toy. Metatton spoke up before this story took a serious turn.

"Now, let's go to my penthouse, darlings!" He says, leading the way. Alphys audibly groaned.

"tell me about it." Sans comments.

"X)" She replied back as Metatton approached the desk with fashion.

"Looking good as always, Starla!" The receptionist wasn't moved in the slightest since Metatton did this everytime he entered the lobby.

"Thanks..." She grumbled as he then takes the elevator.

"You're going to love my penthouse! It has top of the line glamour and everything!" Metatton tells them excitedly.

"And I had to buy it all." Alphys added, but was ignored.

The elevator comes to a stop and everyone sees how rich it all was. I could describe it in detail, but no one's going to imagine it the same way I would, so yeah.

"woW." Sans sat on the limited edition lime chair. Papyrus played with Mr. Squeakers and Alphys was managing cool things like taxes and downpayments. Metatton switched back to his default form so everything was okay, except for Sans' growing jealousy with Papyrus' new friendship.

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